Zorro Zorro Gold Statue
Trial requirement Zorro evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

Zorro's Pearl x3, Golden Pot x1, Gold x100,000

Pearl Cost

10x Zorro Pearl
1x Sunflower Pearl

Statue Cost

60 Dark Steel
2x Dionie (Lv. 150)
2x Koios (Lv. 270)
3x Phoebe (Lv. 360)

Statue Bonus Attack+4, Power+2

In Sky and Space, Speed+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6

NOTE: Both methods require Minstrel statue (for bonus EP when entering Maze), Pinocchio Gumball (for EP discount on Adventure Titles), and at least 550 HP from HP boosting Gumball talents. If you are missing any of these, you will require an INSANE amount of luck with attack dodges in order to survive with enough HP to kill the boss.

Method 1:

  • There are 2 Tents (can summon creeps)
  • Learn Treasure Seeker > Explorer > Demon Hunter
  • Get scroll from box (ice shield, stone skin, curse)
  • Let creeps spawn from tent
  • Kill creeps until skill energy become 40
  • Go into tent, Use Z-Sword and then get items, repeat
  • Learn Elven Ranger
  • Release the Black Panther
  • Curse. Attack x4
  • Continue with Curse, Stoneskin (when boss is at 1), Ice Shield and the Divine Favor from the Cross(when health is about/below 70) until you finish the boss.

Method 2:

  • Learn titles Treasure Seeker  x2, Explorer x2.
  • Open box to get scrolls,
  • Cast stoneskin,
  • Attack boss x3,
  • Cast stoneskin,
  • Attack boss x3,
  • Go into left tent,
  • Kill all (Musketeer>Drunkard>Butcher>Bandit),
  • Loot statue from box,
  • Leave tent,
  • Enter right tent,
  • Use statue,
  • Loot cross,
  • Use cross,
  • Learn titles Explorer x3
  • Leave tent,
  • Use Zsword x3.
  • Should be easy to finish.
  • Buff with Ice Shield,
  • Use last stoneskin to cover his main attack,
  • Use every round of curse when attacking.
  • The main thing is you want to spend the least amount of hp to get 3x Zsword.

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