Zorro's Mask Zorro's Mask
Rank: 1-4 Type: Helmet
1 Star: This black silk mask feels extremely smooth. A red "Z" is embroidered on the back of the mask.

2/3 Star: This black silk mask is really smooth. It's different from what you initially received. A red "Z" is embroidered on the back of the mask.

Attack +1/2/3/4, HP +10/20/30/40

Inflicts 50/100/100/100% extra damage when you attack Bandit
Kill a certain amount of Bandits to upgrade the mask (20/40/60)

  • The mask found in Hero's Village targets Bandits. The mask equipped by Zorro adapts to the the current maze. For example, if found or taken into Ancient Arena, Gladiator becomes the kill target.
Source(s): Carried by Zorro Gumball when used as main

Found in Hero's Village maze.

Upgrade Path

Zorro Mask Rank Attack HP Damage to Bandit Remark
1* +1 +10 50% -
2* +2 +20 100% Kill 20/120 bandits to upgrade to 2*
3* +3 +30 100% Kill 60/120 bandits to upgrade to 3*
4 +4 +40 100% Kill 120/120 bandits to upgrade to 4*

Note: Unlike most similar items, you do not need to be credited with the kills for the upgrades to happen. Kills by allies and damage over time effects do count.

Selected Enemies

Maze Enemy
Hero's Village Butcher
Ancient Arena Gladiator
Saint's Tower Light Elemental
City of Steam Maintenance Type V-Q53
Zorro's Mask - Fully Upgraded

Zorro's Mask - Fully Upgraded

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