Zergling Egg Zergling Egg
Type: Summons
This greyish green embryonic sac holds within it a horrifying entity. It keeps on wriggling in the palm of your hand, Through its heartbeat, you can sense its tenacious life force. In fact, this creature was given the name "Seed of Destruction", for in whatever world it hatches, aside from its mother planet, it will bring forth catastrophic disaster.
Use: Summon Zergling (Only valid in the target floor).

Enhance Zerg's fighting capacity based on Zerg Queen Gumball's skill:
"Hatch Lv. 1" Inherits 50% of HP from Zerg Queen Gumball
"Hatch Lv. 2" Inherits 50% of Attack from Zerg Queen Gumball
"Hatch Lv. 3" Inherits 75% of HP from Zerg Queen Gumball
"Hatch Lv. 4" Inherits 75% of Attack from Zerg Queen Gumball
"Hatch Lv. 5" Learns Seed of Destruction (deals 300% damage to single target upon death)

Source(s): Carried by Zerg Queen


  • While the item description states that stats are inherited from Zerg Queen, they are actually inherited from whatever gumball is main.
  • Temporary HP from spells like Ice Shield isn't inherited by the zerglings.
  • Temporary attack gains by spells or effects like Bless or Energy Cog are inherited by the zerglings and the zerglings keep it after the effect is removed.

Easter Egg

If you have built Zerg Queen's statue (and you have her selected as main?), there is a chance to summon a bigger zergling. At skill level 5, the bigger zergling has the following stats:

  • Inherits 100% of Gumball's Attack (buffs included)
  • Inherits 100% (?) of Gumball's HP (temporary buffs not included)
  • Seed of Destruction: Self-explosion upon death, deals triple damage to all enemies and add Poison effect (loses HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds)
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