This is the whole map with all the Easter Eggs highlighted (except those specific to an event). It is up to date as of July 2020.


Gumball Map with Easter Eggs v4.7.0

Older version from June 2018 can be found here


Clicking on any of the easter eggs when visible will give you a reward (multiple click required for the sheeps). If you own Junkman, you have a chance to get an extra reward on top of the normal reward.

Egg Contents Junkman Extra
Acorn 1000 Coins

1x Fruit of World Tree

1x Fruit of World Tree
Adventurer 500 Coins

Unstable Concoction

Adventurer's Potion

Greed Plunder1 120px

Assassin Assassin's Potion

500 Coins

1000 Coins

Assassin Plunder2 120px

Fox Rank1 Ingredient 2x Rank1 Ingredient

2x Rank2 Ingredient
2x Rank3 Ingredient

Fruit of World Tree 1000 Coins

1x Fruit of World Tree

1x Fruit of World Tree
Gem Crystal

Soul Crystal

Arcane Crystal

Holy Crystal

Gumball 300 Coins 1x Rank1 Airship Materials

1x Rank2 Airship Materials

Lamp 300 Coins 100 Relics
Merchant Truck 500 Coins 1x Statue
Ore Dark Steel

Magic Iron


Eternal Gold

Potion 500 Coins 1000 Coins
Pouch 1000 Coins 1000 Coins
Sea Monster 300 Coins 500 Coins
Sheep Plant Extract 2x Magic Bean Pod

2x Blue Crystal Gel
2x Fairy Spring
2x Dragon's Rib

Snowman 500 Coins Arcane Crystal
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