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Wonderland of Nature
Wonderland of Nature.png
Type Maze
Source/Unlock 50 Gem in Shop, Need to clear Hell Frontier
Normal reward Talisman Taoist & Sword Immortal gumballs
Raid boost Sword Immortal
Raid reward Unknown
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos
"After Dawn War III, a mysterious land appeared in the middle of Erathia, where creatures attempt to cultivate immortality..."

Available in the Shop for 50 Gem after clearing Hell Frontier

Complete maze to recruit Talisman Taoist

Talisman Taoist.png

Hidden Gumball[]

Sword Immortal.png

To get Sword Immortal gumball,

SPOILER ALERT - Don't EXPAND if you prefer to get to it yourself
  1. Interacting with a Sword-shaped Stele can transport you to a special realm. To trigger the special event you need:
    • either Akash Sword Mudra (Immortal grade Method) or Prithvi Sword Mudra (Heavenly Grade) "Activated" in Methods
      • (you do not need to cast the spell, just have it equipped)
      • (obtain from Depository of Buddhist Texts)
    • Cultivation Realm level 5 ("Immortalization") or higher (ie, passed the 4th Heavenly Tribunal)
    • Only in Endless Mode (the event does not trigger during earlier limited maze runs)
    • There is probably no minimum maze floor (seen below 30)
  2. You will find a Crystal Coffin. Interact to obtain the hidden gumball: Sword Immortal.
    Crystal Coffin.png
  3. Interaction requires a Pill of Revivifying: 50% chance to obtain it by using 9 Stellar Herbs in the Pill Room if your Realm is at least level 5 ( "Immortalization"). There appears to be a moderation of the luck factor ensuring that you get it by the 3rd valid attempt at the latest.

Caution: if you trigger this event before obtaining a Pill of Revivifying, you lose your chance at obtaining Sword Immortal (or fragments).

  • Until you have the Pill, when encountering a Stele, switch to a weaker Sword Mutra before interacting


  • Enter Wonderland of Nature - 2 Vigor
    Floors 30 (Difficulty 34)
    +1 Artisan
  • Enter Cultivation World - 2 Vigor
    Floors 35 (Difficulty 35)
  • Enlightenment of Origin - 2 Vigor
    Floors 35 (Difficulty 36)
  • Kill Internal Demon! Cross Heavenly Tribunal! - 2 Vigor
    Floors 40 (Difficulty 37)
  • Endless Mode - 3 Vigor
    (Difficulty 37)


Usual Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Black-Wind Bear
Beast Class
Black-Wind Bear.png
Fury: Attack doubles when HP drops below 50%

Body of Fierce Beast: Physical Resistance +25%, Spell Resistance +25%

Evil Cultivator
Evil Cultivator.png
Assassinated Incantation: Launches an attack every 2 rounds

Disposal of Corpses: When attacking, 50% chance to summon 2 Hanbas[notes 1]

Murderous Hostility: Attack +25% per Hanba that exists

Flame Wolf
Beast Class
Flame Wolf.png
Abalze: When countering, Burning effect attached (loses HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds)
Reinvigoration of Corpses: Have Higher HP Attribute

Self-healing: Recover HP by 5% every round

Mech Puppet
Mech Puppet.png
Mechanism: Damage Taken -30%
Three-Tailed Fox
Beast Class
Three-Tailed Fox.png
WindSense: High Dodge (50%)

Mantra of Mind: Launch an attack per 4 rounds, inflicting Lose Heart effect (Decrease Attack by 50% and cannot cast spells, lasting for 3 rounds)

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at Wonderland of Nature/Specific.

Special Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Zhu Bajie
Beast Class
The Nine-Toothed Rake: Launch an attack each round, inflicting Bleeding effect (Loses HP each round. Effect can be stacked. Lasts for 3 rounds)

Power of Canopy: Damage taken -50%
Lazy Bones: Recover HP by 2% per round

Boss (Internal Demon)[]

Internal Demon.png

Internal Demon Demon
Floor Attack HP Physical
30 86 1,481 30 30
40 148 2,983 30 30
50 253 5,800 30 30
60 432 10,911 40 40
70 682 20,191 40 40
80 1,160 36,719 40 40
90 2,085 66,148 50 50
100 3,526 112,003 50 50


  • Soul Surge: Launches an attack every 3 rounds, dealing triple damage
  • Considerations: When casting Soul Surge, it randomly triggers one of Considerations
    • Covetousness: Attack +30% and activate Spell Forbidden status, each status that exists damage taken is equal to 3% max HP per round (Lasts for 5 rounds)[notes 2]
    • Revery: When no summoned creature exists, Attack and Power -40% (Last 5 rounds)
    • Obsession: Launch an Attack or cast a spell to activate 1 Obsession status within 3 rounds (Damage Taken +15%, valid on this floor)
      • Status Obsession: Damage taken +15% (cumulative)
    • Abomination: Attack and Power -15% (Lasts for 5 rounds)
  • Void: Physical Resistance +30/40/50%, Spell Resistance +30/40/50%.
    When damaged, 30/40/50 % chance to decrease Damage Taken by 30%.[notes 3]

Dragon Wish version of the Boss[]

The boss obtained when using the Divine Dragon wish seems identical to the normal boss

Maze Mechanics[]

Magic Treasures[]

Each Heaven Workshop allows you to create and refine (upgrade) magical treasures.
Refinements can fail, #Realm and #Spirit Root will affect the success rate of refinement.
Select one the following items into the workshop to forge/upgrade the item.
The "Base success rate" is the chance of successful forge/refinement before taking into account the Realm and Spirit Root buffs.

Cost of forging (in Crystal Grit)
Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv5 Lv6 Lv7
Crystal Grit cost for forging 3 3 4 4 5 5 6
Base Success Rate 100% 85% 70% 55% 30% 0% -30%
BrightMoon Belt HP+20, SP+5 HP+40, SP+10 HP+80, SP+20 Recover SP +20 each time you enter the next floor HP+120, SP+30 Recover SP +20 each time you enter the next floor HP+160, SP+40 Recover SP +20 each time you enter the next floor HP+240, SP+60 Recover SP +20 each time you enter the next floor HP+ 400 SP+100 Recover SP +20 enter floor HP+20%
Cloak of Cloud Receive 1 Cultivation when entering next floor. Receive 2 Cultivation when entering next floor.

Receive 4 Cultivation when entering next floor.

When crossing heavenly tribunal, Thunder Tribulation Damage -20%

Receive 6 Cultivation when entering next floor.

When crossing heavenly tribunal, Thunder Tribulation Damage -20%

Receive 8 Cultivation when entering next floor.

When crossing heavenly tribunal, Thunder Tribulation Damage -20%

Receive 12 Cultivation when entering the next floor.

When crossing heavenly tribunal, Thunder Tribulation Damage -20%

Receive 20 Cultivation when entering the next floor.

When crossing heavenly tribunal, Thunder Tribulation Damage -20%

Decrease burn damage by 50%

Dragon Robe Def +1 Def +2 Def +4, Dmg suffered -15% Def +6, Dmg suffered -15% Def +8, Dmg suffered -15% Def +12, Dmg suffered -15% Defense+20

Damage suffered Decrease15%

10% chance to Cast Dragon's Influence when under attacking

Nine-Dragons Divine Shield Attack+1, Power+1 Attack+3, Power+3 Attack +6, Power +6, Fire spells +30% Attack +9, Power +9, Fire spells +30% Attack +12, Power +12, Fire spells +30% Attack +18, Power +18, Fire spells +30% Attack +30 Power +30 Increase effect of all Fire spells, 30% Masters "Fiery Charizard" ACTIVE
Ring of Cloud Light Power+3 Power+6 Power+12, Ignores enemy Spell Resistance +15% Power+18, Ignores enemy Spell Resistance +15% Power+24, Ignores enemy Spell Resistance +15% Power+36, Ignores enemy Spell Resistance +15% Power+60, Ignore Enemy Spell Resistance +15%, Power +20%
Seven-Star Gloves Attack+3 Attack+6 Attack+12, Ignores enemy Physical Resistance +15% Attack+18, Ignores enemy Physical Resistance +15% Attack+24, Ignores enemy Physical Resistance +15% Attack+36, Ignores enemy Physical Resistance +15% Attack +60 Ignore Enemy Physical Resistance +15% Attack + 20%
Star-Chasing Shoes Dodge+1% Dodge+2% Dodge+4%, Max Dodge+10% Dodge+6%, Max Dodge+10% Dodge +8%, Max Dodge +10% Dodge +12%, Max Dodge +10% Dodge +20% Max Dodge +10% Counterattack to enemy when dodged
Zhu Long's Necklace MP+20, SP+5 MP+40, SP+10 MP+80, SP+20

When attacking the enemy with Burn Effect, deal extra damage +20%

MP+120, SP+30

When attacking the enemy with Burn Effect, deal extra damage +20%

MP+160, SP+40

When attacking the enemy with Burn Effect, deal extra damage +20%

MP+240, SP+60

When attacking the enemy with Burn Effect, deal extra damage +20%

MP +400 SP +100 When attacking the enemy with Burn Effect, deal extra damage +20% When casting Cultivation Method, Consumption of SP -20%
Zi Yun's Crown HP+20, Defense+1 HP+40, Defense+1 HP+80, Defense+2,

5% chance to recover 60 HP in each round

HP+120, Defense+3,

5% chance to recover 60 HP in each round

HP+160, Defense+4,

5% chance to recover 60 HP in each round

HP+240, Defense+6,

5% chance to recover 60 HP in each round

HP+400, Defense+10,

5% chance to recover 60 HP in each round

Per 1 level of Cultivation method that upgraded, Attack and Power +1

Fiery Charizard.png

Fiery Charizard (From Nine-Dragons Divine Shield):

  • 75 SP to cast
  • Cause X damage to a single enemy and burn it
  • 25% chance to kill the target (invalid against Boss)
  • X = 300% * Power


You gain 8+ cultivation points whenever an enemy is killed by any mean. Harder enemies give more points. Once you have enough cultivation points, you can upgrade you realm/cultivation level.
The different levels of Realm impact a few other mechanisms in the maze, including the success rate upgrading Magic Treasures or the quality of Pills obtained when crafting.

Each realm level has 3 sub levels: Early-stage, Middle-stage and Late-stage Upgrade costs Cultivation points. When upgrading from a Late-stage sub-level, you also start a "Thunder Tribulation" trial that does massive damage to everyone (enemies, allies and yourself) for one or more rounds. At the end of the trial, you are healed completely.

See table for details about each Tribulation and below the table for tips.

Upon passing a trial, you are healed completely.

Level Name Cultivation
upgrade cost
Buffs Tribulation Rounds
Damage per Round
1.1 Qi Refining
300 Attack & Power + 10, HP & MP + 50

Max SP = 100

1.2 Qi Refining
360 Attack & Power + 15, HP & MP + 75

Max SP = 105

1.3 Qi Refining
420 Attack & Power + 20, HP & MP + 100

Max SP = 110

1 Round

Dmg = 500 + 6% * Max HP

2.1 Foundation Establishment
480 Attack & Power + 35, HP & MP + 175

Max SP = 120
Refine Success Rate +8%

2.2 Foundation Establishment
540 Attack & Power + 45, HP & MP + 225

Max SP = 125
Refine Success Rate +8%

2.3 Foundation Establishment
600 Attack & Power + 55, HP & MP + 275

Max SP = 130
Refine Success Rate +8%

2 Rounds

Dmg = 550 + 9% * Max HP

3.1 Golden Core
750 Attack & Power + 75, HP & MP + 375

Max SP = 145
Refine Success Rate +16%

3.2 Golden Core
900 Attack & Power + 90, HP & MP + 450

Max SP = 155
Refine Success Rate +16%

3.3 Golden Core
1060 Attack & Power + 105, HP & MP + 525

Max SP = 165
Refine Success Rate +16%

3 Rounds

Dmg = 700 + 12% * Max HP

4.1 Nascent Soul
1300 Attack & Power + 130, HP & MP + 650

Max SP = 180
Refine Success Rate +24%

4.2 Nascent Soul
1620 Attack & Power + 150, HP & MP + 750

Max SP = 190
Refine Success Rate +24%

4.3 Nascent Soul
2020 Attack & Power + 170, HP & MP + 850

Max SP = 200
Refine Success Rate +24%

4 Rounds

Dmg = 950 + 15% * Max HP

5.1 Immortalization
2500 Attack & Power + 200, HP & MP + 1000

Max SP = 220
Refine Success Rate +32%

5.2 Immortalization
3060 Attack & Power + 225, HP & MP + 1125

Max SP = 235
Refine Success Rate +32%

5.3 Immortalization
3700 Attack & Power + 250, HP & MP + 1250

Max SP = 250
Refine Success Rate +32%

5 Rounds

Dmg = 1300 + 18% * Max HP

6.1 Void Training
4420 Attack & Power + 285, HP & MP + 1425

Max SP = 270
Refine Success Rate +40%

6.2 Void Training
5220 Attack & Power + 315, HP & MP + 1575

Max SP = 285
Refine Success Rate +40%

6.3 Void Training
6100 Attack & Power + 345, HP & MP + 1725

Max SP = 300
Refine Success Rate +40%

6 Rounds

Dmg = 1750 + 21% * Max HP

7.1 Body Unity
7060 Attack & Power + 390, HP & MP + 1950

Max SP = 330
Refine Success Rate +48%

7.2 Body Unity
8100 Attack & Power + 425, HP & MP + 2125

Max SP = 350
Refine Success Rate +48%

7.3 Body Unity
9220 Attack & Power + 460, HP & MP + 2300

Max SP = 370
Refine Success Rate +48%

7 Rounds

Dmg = 2300 + 24% * Max HP

8.1 Mahayana
10420 Attack & Power + 515, HP & MP + 2575

Max SP = 400
Refine Success Rate +60%

8.2 Mahayana
11700 Attack & Power + 560, HP & MP + 2800

Max SP = 420
Refine Success Rate +60%

8.3 Mahayana
13060 Attack & Power + 605, HP & MP + 3025

Max SP = 440
Refine Success Rate +60%

8 Rounds

Dmg = 2950 + 27% * Max HP

9.1 Heavenly Tribunal
14500 Attack & Power + 680, HP & MP + 3400

Max SP = 480
Refine Success Rate +72%

9.2 Heavenly Tribunal
16020 Attack & Power + 740, HP & MP + 3700

Max SP = 510
Refine Success Rate +72%

9.3 Heavenly Tribunal
17620 Attack & Power + 800, HP & MP + 4000

Max SP = 540
Refine Success Rate +72%

9 Rounds

Dmg = 3700 + 30% Max HP

10 Real Immortal n.a. Attack & Power + 900, HP & MP + 4500

Max SP = 600
Refine Success Rate +84%

Note that the tribulation damage is increased by 10% for each visible creature present (including allies) at the start of the tribulation. This is not reevaluated between rounds. Ways to reduce tribulation damage and survive:

Spirit Root[]

Spirit Root affects pills, artifacts and Cultivation Method.

Spirit Root Levels
Level Name #Qi required per type Effects
1 Low-Grade 3 All spell effects +5%, Speed of Cultivation +10%, Recover SP by 3 each time when entering the next floor

Refine Success Rate +0%

2 Medium-Grade 5 All spell effects +15%, Speed of Cultivation +30%, Recover SP by 6 each time when entering the next floor

Refine Success Rate +12%

3 Top-Grade 8 All spell effects +30%, Speed of Cultivation +60%, Recover SP by 10 each time when entering the next floor

Refine Success Rate +24%

4 Heavenly-Grade 12 All spell effects +50%, Speed of Cultivation +100%, Recover SP by 18 each time when entering the next floor

Refine Success Rate +36%

5 Immortal-Grade n.a. All spell effects +75%, Speed of Cultivation +150%, Recover SP by 30 each time when entering the next floor

Refine Success Rate +48%


There are several type of pills, that are crafted using Stellar Herbs and the building "Pill Room". The result quality of the crafts is said to depend on the Realm, Spirit Root and Spiritual Herbs, you can put up to 9 Stellar Herbs per craft. The pills range from Tier1 to Tier6.

Pill Tier Effect Text
Pill of Body Tempering 1 -Special pill for Body Temporing-
With its lustrous and bright color, this first-tier pill could temper the body, but it would cause the body to endure great pain!
Pill of Mind Fostering 1 Cultivation +100
With its lustrous and bright color, this first-tier pill could enhance Cultivation!
Pill of Spirit 2 Recover 100 SP
With its lustrous and bright color, this second-tier pill can quickly recover spirit! It's a must-have elixir for traveling.
Pill of Origin 2 Recover 25% HP
With its lustrous and bright color, this second-tier pill is helpful to recover the injury. It is excellent healing medicine.
Pill of Requiem 3 Remove all debuffs
This third-tier pill with a faint medicinal fragrance can make you calm down, and it exerts unexpected effects in certain situations!
Pill of Qi Mingling 3 SP +10
This third-tier pill with a faint medicinal fragrance can increase the maximum of spirit inside the body, so it is the favorite one of the cultivators!
Pill of Force 4 Attack+3, Enemy Attack-1
This fourth-tier pill with a faint medicinal fragrance strengthens the body of the user without any side effects after eating!
Pill of Soul 4 Power+3, Recover MP by 150
This fourth-tier pill with a faint medicinal fragrance enriches user's knowledge, and it can heal the broken heart!
Pill of Bodhi 5 Speed of cultivation +5%
This fifth-tier pill with a faint medicinal fragrance can increase the speed of cultivation! It is rare elixirs that make the world in turmoil.
Pill of Lifesaving 5 HP+60, Recover HP by 100%
This fifth-tier pill with a faint medicinal fragrance can instantly restore the user's injuries. No matter how badly he has suffered, as long as he has not died, he can recover in a short time after taking it.
Pill of Heavenly Spirit 6 Attack&Power+3, Heavenly Spirit Status (Attack and Power +100%, dmg dealt of all sword mutras +50%, last for 5 rnds)
This sixth-tier pill with a faint medicinal fragrance can enhance user's power with the spirit nearby. It is said that is can help you to fight back to win!
Pill of Ascension 6 Recover SP by 5 when entering next floor.

Defence-tribulation status (When crossing Heavenly Tribunal, Thunder Tribulation Damage -50%, valid on this floor)

This sixth-tier pill with a faint medicinal fragrance is the best medicine to resist the Thunder Tribulation. It is easy to cross the tribulation. Other pills can't do this.
Pill of Revivifying 7 Can revivify the dead in the specific condition
This seventh-tier pill with faintly glowing is also known as the elixir of life. Its medicinal fragrance can cure wounds. If not strictly taken care of, it will take the opportunity to slip away. It has magical power and can bring the dead back to life.

Pill Room Refining[]

If you meet the requirement for the Pill of Revivifying, you have a 50% chance to get it and you get nothing else.

If you don't get the Pill of Revivifying:

There is a 40% chance to get only some Pill of Body Tempering

  • Quantity = nbrHerbsUsed * 1.3 * ( 1 + Refine Bonus%)
  • Rounding is randomized fairly so that 2.72 has 72% chance of giving 3 and 28% chance of giving 2.

Else you get a lesser amount of Pill of Body Tempering and one or more pills of a tier randomly chosen between the possibilities displayed in the table below.

Nbr of Herbs Tiers Possible
1 1
2 1, 2
3 1, 2, 3
4 2, 3
5 2, 3, 4
6 3, 4
7 4, 5
8 4, 5, 6
9 5, 6 (,7)

In this case:

  • Lesser Amount of Pill of Body Tempering = nbrHerbsUsed * 0.35 * ( 1 + Refine Bonus%)
  • Same rounding method as above with a minimum of 1.
  • The amount for the other pill is usually 1 but it can be higher if the rank is rather low and your refine bonus rather high
  • It seems that with a high refine bonus, your chance of getting the highest possible tier among the possible tiers listed increases.


One of the 3 mechanisms related to the maze. Temper can be upgraded with Pill of Body Tempering and has several body-related sections, each one with 3 upgrades (stages).

Body Section Cost in pills Effect
Origin 3 / 4 / 6 Deal extra 10/20/30 dmg when attacking
Skin 7 / 8 / 10 Enemy Attack -5/-10/-15
Blood 11 / 12 / 14 HP +80/+160/+240

Recover HP by 40/80/160 each time when entering the next floor

Bony 15 / 16 / 18 When attacking, 8%/16%/24% chance to deal double dmg
Ossein 20 / x / 27 8%/16%/24% chance to bleed the enemy when attacking (Lasts for 3 rounds)
Tendon 33 / 35 / 36 When damaged, 20% chance to recover HP by 120/240/360
Pulse 39 / 42 / 46 Ranged damage taken -10%/-20%/-30%
Qi 50 / 53 / 57 When attacking, reflect the enemy Damage +12%/+24%/+36%
Dharma 62 / 66 / 70 Damage taken -10%/-20%/-30%
Body 75 / 80 / X Attack +15%/+30%/+45%. Ignore Physical Resistance +10%/+20%/+30%


You can learn many methods from various sources. You can activate up to 6 of them at the same time. There is apparently no cost and no limit to activations and deactivations. (temporary way of displaying them)

Name Grade & Icon Cost Effect
Atlas of Flames Low Grade
Atlas of Flames.png
18 Deal X(+Y) damage to the target and enemies nearby and burn them (Z damage, lasts for 3 rounds but 1 of the rounds is immediately applied)

X = 100% * Power
Y = X * E where E is the applicable bonus for a Damage Spell[notes 5]
Z = 30% * Power

Manual of Wood Low-Grade
Manual of Wood.png
15 Recover HP by X each round and decrease Damage taken by 60% (lasts for 3 rounds)[notes 6]

X = 60% x Power

Nine-Turns Divine Skill Immortal Grade
N/A Attack and Power +15%, HP and MP +15%

Source: God of Thieves Items

Akash Sword Mudra Immortal Grade
Air Cut.png
160 Deal X damage all enemies and activate Light of Heart Sword status.
  • Status: When attacking, 40% change to deal 5 times damage to target, lasting 5 rounds
    • When killing the target in that status, 20% chance to increase attack by 3
    • (100% chance to increase the Attack when killing the enemy in that status)[notes 7]

X = 560% * Attack

Gobbledegook Immortal Grade
150 Attack + 200%, Damage Taken - 90%, Spurt 100% damage to all enemies

and target can't counter-attack (lasts for 4 rounds, uses standard buff slot)

Manual of Timber Immortal Grade
N/A 50% chance to be immune to first fatal damage suffered on each floor

Recover 20% HP and activate Life-giving Rain (Damage taken -50%, Recover 10% HP each round, lasting 3 rounds)

Scripture of True Immortal Grade
N/A 15% chance to remove all debuffs

Will not be affected by Internal Demon

Esoterica of Swords Low Grade
N/A Damage dealt of all sword mudras +30%

Sword mudras damages become:

  • Prithvi Sword Mudra : 585% * Attack
  • Akash Sword Mudra: 728% * Attack
  • Agni Sword Mudra: 364% * Attack
  • Varun Sword Mudra: 46.8% * Attack / round
Manual of Earth Low Grade
N/A Enemy Attack -5
Burning Incantation (base) Low Grade
N/A The effect of all Fire spell +30%
Burning Incantation (upgraded) Heavenly Grade
N/A The effect of all Fire spell +50%

When attacking burning enemies, deal an extra damage +50%

Manual of Destiny Medium Grade
Manual of Destiny.png
30 All enemies' Attack and HP -70%

(Lasts for 6 rounds. Effects and duration halved against Boss)

Manual of Heaven Heavenly-Grade
Manual of Heaven
90 Attack+100%

When attacking, spurt 100% damage to all enemies (Lasts for 10 rounds, uses standard buff slot)

Prithvi Sword Mudra Heavenly-Grade
Prithvi Sword Mudra
99 Deal X damage to all enemies and stun the target (Lasts for 3 rounds)

X = 450% x Attack

True Rules of Divine Heavenly-Grade
N/A Increase the extra damage by 30% when attacking the same enemy successively
Scripture of Omniscience Top-Grade
Scripture of Omniscience
55 Gumball and all summoned units' Attack+150% (Lasts for 3 rounds, uses standard buff slot)
Varun Sword Mudra Top-Grade
Varun Sword Mudra
60 Deal X damage to all enemies present each round (Lasts for 10 rounds, uses standard buff slot)[notes 8]

X = 36% x Attack

Freezing Incantation Top-Grade
N/A When attacking, 30% chance to freeze the enemy (Lasts for 3 rounds)

Extra damage to the frozen enemy +30%

Manual of Teasure Medium-Grade
N/A Obtain 20 Cultivation for each time entering the next floor
Manual of Shadow Medium-Grade
N/A Attack+25%, Dodge+10%, Max dodge+5%

Lose HP by 10 each round

Agni Sword Mudra Medium-Grade
Agni Sword Mudra
36 Deal X damage to target enemy and blind it (Lasts 3 rounds)[notes 9]

X = 280% x Attack

Manual of Flame Dragon Top-Grade
N/A 20% chance to cast "Atlas of Flames" when attacking
Manual of Milky Way Heavenly-Grade
N/A 35% chance to counterattack when suffering the ranged attack

Maze Occurrences[]

Crystal Grits Vein[]

Crystal Grits Vein.png

This ore vein stored a lot of Crystal Grits. With luck, maybe you'll find some Spirit Stones!


Depositary of Buddhist Texts[]

Depositary of Buddhist Texts.png

There are many manuals in this pavilion that may be useful for cultivation. Go inside and read them!

Read for a reward:

  • Learn a cultivation method. (see #Methods above)
  • Some Cultivation points

Demon's Cave[]

Demon's Cave.png

This pitch dark cave surrounded by piles of animal excrement and rotting corpses is exuding a so funky smell.

Enter to fight 5 random monsters ( Black-Wind Bear, Flame Wolf, ...).

Monster's Remains:

Storage Chest:

Cultivator's Remains:

Heaven Workshop[]

Heaven Workshop.png

There are materials in this forging furnace that you an use to refine the magic treasure!
(Realm and Spirit Root will affect the success rate of refinement)

This is where you can forge Magic Treasures. See #Magic Treasures above.

Herb Garden[]

Herb Garden.png

This garden grows with many precious herbs that can be used to refine elixirs. Be careful to hidden monsters nearby if you want to pick it up!

Pick herbs sometimes makes up to 5 random monsters appear

Rewards (with or without monsters to defeat):

Immortal's Cave[]

Immortal's Cave.png

This immortal's cave has been abandoned for a long time. Maybe you can find some useful things here.

If you have used Secret of Mountains and Seas, you can explore for:

Pill Room[]

Pill Room.png

  • Converts Spiritual Herbs into various Pills
  • Can use 1 to 9 herbs per refinement
  • Results based on Cultivation Realm, Spirit Root level and number of herbs refined.
  • See details in #Pill Room Refining

Spiritual Spring[]

Spiritual Spring.png

This spring contains a large amount of spiritual energy, soaking in it will not only restore your injuries, but also improve your cultivation!
  • Immerse: restore HP and MP
  • Hatch Demon's Egg: Get a Demons ally


  • Persistent Ally
  • Inherits 60% of your max HP and current Attack (buffs included)
  • Brute Force: When attacking, 50% chance to deal double damage
  • Bloodthirstiness: When attacking, heals 10% of damage dealt as HP

Sword-shaped Stele[]

Sword-shaped Stele.png

This giant sword-shaped stele seems to have a strong will, may you can find something in it!

Select Enlighten Sword for an effect.
To see which effect, look below and take the first line that applies.

If you have not yet entered special dimension this run:

  • Sword Immortal is your main: Enter special dimension
  • Akash Sword Mudra or Prithvi Sword Mudra active & realm at Immortalization or better: Enter special dimension
  • Akash Sword Mudra or Prithvi Sword Mudra active: Summon Swordwraith + 180 cultivation
  • Varun Sword Mudra or Agni Sword Mudra active: +120 Cultivation
  • No sword mudra active: Nothing

(+ bonus % from Spirit Root level and Pill of Bodhi)

If you have already entered special dimension this run:

  • Sword Immortal is your main: Summon Swordwraith + 180 cultivation
  • Akash Sword Mudra Or Prithvi Sword Mudra active : Summon Swordwraith + 180 Cultivation
  • Varun Sword Mudra or Agni Sword Mudra active: +120 Cultivation
  • No sword mudra active: Nothing

The cultivation amounts listed above are without the bonus % granted by your Spirit Root level and used Pill of Bodhi.

If you already have 2 persistent allies when summoning Swordwraith, one of your current allies will be removed.

Swordwraith persistent Ally:

  • Qi of Sword: Attack each round and spurt 50% damage to all enemies
  • Spirit: Damage taken -30%
  • Spirit Gathering: Recover HP by 1% per round
  • Inherits 90% of your current attack (buffs included) and 70% of your Max HP

Wunderkammer (Shop)[]


Zhu Bajie[]

Access via Elixir of Immortality. Requires Farplane's Lantern.
Fight Zhu Bajie for:

Special results possible with the following gumballs as main:

  • Pigsy: Elixir fails, no rewards.
    You swallowed these pills even they didn't taste good...
  • Sandy: no fight, 3 of a random Qi or 15x Spiritual Stone
    Brother Sha, what are you doing here? This is no place for you! Take these things and get out of my way!
  • Tripitaka: 5 Gem (1st time) or 500 EP, 15x Spiritual Stone, 3 of each Qi
    Master? Have you come to see Chang'e? Then I'll leave the two of you alone! Taking this thing, it might help you in the future!
  • Monkey King: 5 Gem (1st time) or 500 EP, 15x Spiritual Stone, 3 of each Qi
    Monkey...monkey...monkey brother, why are you here? These are yours now! I have some things to do, so I'll be off!


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Cultivator's Remains (Multiple)
Cultivator's Remains.png
Search: Secret of Mountains and Seas, Spiritual Stone, Stellar Herbs, Formula for Clear Dewdrop, Formula for Potion of Flame Complete Cultivator's Soul: Cast Blade of Ruin (last for 5 rounds)

Broken Cultivator's Soul: Cast Stoneskin (last for 5 rounds)

Monster's Remains (Multiple)
Warmonster's Corpse.png
Search: Demon's Egg, Demon's Crystal Core,... Broken Beast's Soul

Complete Beast's Soul: Attack +1

Hou Yi's Remains
Hou Yi's Remains.png
Search: Bow of Sunshot (+5% attack) Hou Yi's Soul: Obtain Elixir of Immortality: Use for Unknown affect (Teleported to Special level with Enemy to fight, Qi of each type as reward)
Yan Emperor's Soul
Yan Emperor's Soul.png
Search: Burning Incantation (Item) Improves Burning Incantation

Effect of all fire spells +50%
When attacking burning enemies, deal and extra damage +50%

Takes effect automatically when activated!(PASSIVE)

Cold-Blooded Master's Remains
Cold-Blooded Master's Remains.png
Search: Fire Stick Shaw Danon's Soul: Upgrades Fire Stick: Rank 6 gloves:

Attack +30
Inflict Lifesteal effect (Heals for 5% of the damage dealt) 5% chance to remove all enemies' features when attacking

Men's Remains
Men's Remains.png
Search: Heaven Wielding Bottle Han Li's Soul: +3 Attack, +300 HP
He Xiangu's Remains
He Xiangu's Remains.png
Search: Water Lily (Treasure, Power +15, SP+30) He Xiangu's Soul: Water Lily becomes Power +30, SP+60, 8% chance to enchant all enemies into asleep when attacking (lasts for 3 rounds)


Potion Formula[]

This yellow paper smells sour. It seems like it was used for blowing noses. Some askew words and hasty patterns are marked on the paper. You really hope that the writer's alchemy skill exceeds his writing level.
  • Clear Dewdrop
    Use: Attack and Power +1; When used in Wonderland of Nature, obtain 1000 Cultivation
  • Potion of Flame
    Use: Power +2; Burned Damage Taken -30%
  • Soul Nutrients
    Use: Power +3; All spell effects +10%
  • Spring of Moonlight
    Use: Attack +3; Ranged Damage Taken -10%

Out-of-Maze Loot[]

Get these items in the maze and carry them away:

For raid results, see here.

Title Loots[]

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Gumball Specific Loots[]

Check here

Quests / DP[]

Description DP Notes
S Obtain Fire Stick x3 2 Found on Cold-Blooded Master's Remains
S Obtain Siyou x3 2 Found on Bewitching's Remains
S Obtain Bow of Sunshot x3 2 Found on Hou Yi's Remains
S Acquired Burning Incantation x3 2 Found on Yan Emperor's Soul
S Obtain Heaven Wielding Bottle x3 2 Found on Men's Remains
S Refine six-tier pill x10 2 Use GoT to obtain Eight Trigrams Furnace (Effect of refining pills +20%)
G Refining Magic Treasures x100 3 Use Heaven Workshop
G Eat pills x50 2
G Use Spiritual Stone x200 1 Commonly found on Crystal Grits Vein and in caves
G Use Demon's Crystal Core x10 2 Commonly found in caves
G Hatch Demon's Egg x5 2 Use eggs from the cave in Spiritual Spring
G Use Cultivation Method x100 2
G Use Cultivation Method to kill monsters x100 2
G Use Cultivation Method to kill the BOSS x2 2
G Use Thunder Tribulation to kill Boss x2 2
G Kill Flame Wolf x200 2
G Kill Black-Wind Bear x200 1
G Kill Hanba x200 1
G Kill Mech Puppet x200 1
G Kill Three-Tailed Fox x200 1
G Kill Evil Cultivator x200 1
G First Kill BOSS 3
G Kill BOSS ×5 3
G Purchase Items in Wunderkammer x100 2
G Clear Demon's Cave x20 2
G Cultivation reaches to Mahayana Realm 3
G Body Tempering reaches to Qi Energy 3
G Obtain Immortal-grade Spirit Root 3 Max your spirit root
G Acquired all immortal-grade cultivation method 3 Use GoT to obtain Nine-Turns Divine skill
G Refine all equipment to the max level 3
S Reach Floor 60 1
S Reach Floor 70 2
S Reach Floor 80 3
S Reach Floor 30 without upgrading realm 3 ie, do not do any upgrades with Cultivation points.

you can upgrade Spirit Root, Temper, and use Pills and Methods.

G Obtain hidden Gumball 5 See: Hidden Gumball

Boss Package Reward[]

Kill Boss on 100F to claim 20x Sword Immortal Gumball Fragment and 20x Dragon's Rib.


  • Among popular gumballs are Bai Ze (for the ignore Dodge); Gang Cadre (because of the sheer amount stuff to buy)
  • Monsters summoned by gumball skills (Chuchu, Dinosaur Tamer) do not give cultivation points when killed.
  • Atlas of Flames is a not a fire spell, but it is a low-level spell nonetheless, and is therefore boosted by the Great Druid's Cloak.


  1. Summoned Hanbas can only appear on already opened empty slates. They will not appear if there is no valid place to appear in. Each Evil Cultivator can summon Hanbas 2 times (for a maximum of 4 Hanbas per Cultivator). Failed attempts do not count but attempts with only 1 Hanba summoned do.
  2. Covetousness: To be clear, the damage as well as the attack increase are both for you. The attack +30% is relative to your base Attack (buffs excluded). The status that count are all effects placed on you: both good ones and bad ones, including Covetousness itself. It is unknown whether some special room effects placed by specific gumball skills might escape this count or not.
  3. The 30/40/50% chance of damage reduction is checked separately for each source of damage and is multiplicative with Physical and Spell Resistance where applicable.
  4. Wearing Cloak of Cloud specifically reduces the tribulation damage you receive by 20%: it does not reduce the damage suffered by enemies
  5. Atlas of Flames is not a Fire spell. It does get the bonuses that are applicable to Damage Spells or All Spells or low-level spells (Great Druid's Cloak).
  6. Manual of Wood is apparently not considered a healing spell and will not proc Paladin's Halo "Devotion Halo"
  7. Actual in-game text states "at the-above mentioned status" rather that just "in that status". The discrepancy between that 20% and 100% is there in the in-game description as well. Note also that outright killing the creature from the direct damage cannot increase attack.
  8. Status Varun Sword Mudra uses your standard buff slot to damage the mobs and does not show up on the mobs themselves. It removes any standard buff like Bless before computing the damage per round that is to be applied.
  9. Description in the methods tab for Agni Sword says "all enemies" but upon casting the description switches to the singular. The actual effect is that only the targeted monster gets damages and Blind.

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