This suit increases your HP, Defense, Dodge, and makes you immune to Poison and Curse conditions.

The 4 components of the suit can be found in the Treasure Shop, but the parts can also be stolen (by using the Bandit Claw or Silver Hand) from the Tidal Crabs located on Skeleton Island. They are rare steals, so expect to try multiple times before succeeding. All the parts can also be obtained in Gods' Chessboard by giving Amber Statues to the Furnace.

Full suit effect:

  • Attack+8 Power+8
  • Bring effect Cure in each floor
  • If you own High Priest: -/20/30/40/50/60% chance to permanently upgrade attributes by 3 (Power & Attack)/30 (HP & MP) points every time you enter the next floor.
Name Rank Type Effect
Justice Armor Justice Armor 4 Armor HP+30 Defense+2
Boots of Toughness Boots of Toughness 4 Shoes HP+30, Dodge+6%
Belt of Courage Belt of Courage 4 Belt HP+30

Immune to Curse

Medal of Loyalty Medal of Loyalty 4 Treasure HP+30

Immune to poison

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