Full suit effect:

  • Attack+12 Power+12
  • Increase all Water magic effect by 25%
  • Receive Elemental Orb (The spell doesn't use any scrolls)
  • If you have Water Elemental, you will have the ability to fuse all pieces of the Water Mastery Suit into a Frost Orb (Treasure slot).
Name Rank Type Effect
Water Spirit's Cape Water Spirit's Cape 1 Cloak MP+5

Cure spell effect +25%

Frost Bottle Frost Bottle 2 Treasure Power+1

Ice Shield spell effect +25%

Siren's Eye Siren's Eye 3 Helmet HP+20

Icicle spell effect +25%

Spring Necklace Spring Necklace 4 Necklace MP+30

Recovering spell effect +25%

Twilight Armor Twilight Armor 5 Armor Defense+3

Aurora Barrier spell effect +25%

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