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Warship Star Annihilation!
Sky Maze
Type Sky Mazes
Source/Unlock Exploration Level 151+
Normal reward Black Warrior

Sun Contract

Raid boost N/A
Raid reward Force Release Plunder4 120px, 1000-2000 Relics, 5-6 Statue

Warship Star Annihilation! is a sky maze that may appear when exploration level is higher than 150.


Floors: 5
This maze requires wise usage of maze items to counter enemies with inordinately high HP and attack.

Recommended BuildEdit

Alternate BuildsEdit


On the first four floors, use your ranged attack (Persian Powder, spells, or Unstable Concoction as HP dictates) to kill the ranged enemy. Take his Energy Core. Open all the other tiles to find the "boss", an enemy with 2000 HP. Use the Power Core on the boss, then use a ranged attack to kill it.

  • If using an item or spell based build, don't bother with the rest of the enemies. Just get the key and get out.
  • If using a Holy Warrior build, kill extra enemies for EP.

On the fifth floor, kill the ranged enemy, grab the core, then summon your zerglings. Open the enemy tiles one by one and kill each enemy carefully to avoid supercharging any enemies (S/L if you mess up). Use the core on the boss, and any remaining throwables and spells to help the zerglings take down the enemies.

  • If using the Holy Warrior build, cast Bless before summoning the zerglings to boost their attack, and Cure for yourself as necessary.

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