Volcanic II
Volcanic II
Type: Plane Wonder Materials
It is also called spurting rock, belonging to a type of magmatic rock. It has many structures such as pores, amygdaloidal, and rhyolite. It has superior performance. In addition to the general characteristics of ordinary stone, it can also absorb sound and reduce noise to improve auditory environment. It is natural and simple and avoids glare, that improves the visual environment; absorbs water, is of skid resistance and heat resistance, tat improves somatosensory environment; regulates the air humidity, that improves the ecological environment. It has an extremely long service life. It's widely used in various types or architectural exterior decoration, as well as the first choice of stone material for antique architecture and landscape architecture.
Can be used to build ordinary wonders in the Hall of Overseeing
Source(s): Combine 4 Volcanic I + 50 Coins into 1 Volcanic II
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