Global server version history.

(V3.5.1) Update 10 Oct 2019 Edit


  1. Release Chaos Field this week:
    1. Requirement: Unlock Space and have a level 20 alliance
    2. Register: 12/10/2019 09:55~13/10/2019 09:55 Game Time
    3. Opening: 13/10/2019 10:00~13/10/2019 22:00 Game Time
  2. Unlock 10 brand new airships: players reached level 1,200 and above in sky exploration can obtain the new airship chips.



  1. Add some Space resources in wilderness exploration: use Space Suit obtained from Eden Ruins of Aini in Order Field M01 to unlock this function (players explored this planet will obtain directly)
  2. Cancel Super Mode and Hell Mode for the sky event Pain Tester, players can destroy the tester directly.
  3. Add a specified reward for sky event Vincent. Players can obtain this reward once after exploring sky for over 730 days.
  4. Fix the detected bugs.

(V3.4.35) Update 19 Sep 2019 Edit


  1. Add dubbing for some Gumballs. This function can be activated in Settings
  2. Unlock Order Field M09


Issues FixedEdit

  1. Detected bugs have been fixed

(V3.4.30) Update 12 Sep 2019 Edit

Issues Fixed Edit

  1. Fix the freeze issue when casting spells in Chaos Abyss
  2. Other detected issues

(V3.4.26) Update 05 Sep 2019 Edit

Optimization Edit

  1. Unlock Gumballs‘ trials: Guardian, Bull Demon King, Dimension Walker, DJ
  2. Linkage event: Signal Station: No.1 will be released in September
  3. M09 will be unlocked in September


Issues Fixed Edit

  1. Enrich sky event rewards
  2. Add the notice for overflowing resources
  3. Detected bugs have been fixed

(V3.4.12) Update 15 Aug 2019 Edit

Optimization Edit

  1. Add BGM and sound effects for Bracada College


Issues Fixed Edit

  1. Incorrect amount of gems and regression sandglasses when choosing "Reset for several times and raid"
  2. Stone quest issue after rapidly synthesizing in Bracada College
  3. Other detected issues

(V3.4.2) Update 08 Aug 2019 Edit

New FunctionEdit

  1. Release the events for 88 Gumball Carnival
  2. Unlock the new maze Bracada College. Purchase the Bracada College license with gems in the store. Principal Gumball will be available in this maze
  3. Unlock the maze cartoons. Display corresponding cartoons when activating the mazes of Adventurer's Forest, Hero's Village, Lost Temple, Borderland, and Ancient Arena for the first time. Players cleared these mazes can display the cartoons again in the 'Settings'
  4. Unlock a batch of new links for Chain of Fate



  1. Adjust the rewards for Spending Return Package. Provide the rewards for some certain levels of Bonus Points (Players will be compensated with the newly-added rewards based on the current Bonus Points)
  2. Add some hidden events in the mazes of Adventurer's Forest, Hero's Village, Lost Temple, Borderland, Ancient Arena, Saint's Tower, Forest of Whispers, Desert Oasis, Pirate's Port, and Skeleton Island
  3. Adjust the Elemental Shield of Elemental Shaman as a special buff (Can co-exist with normal buffs)
  4. Increase the ceiling of daily alliance coins for bounty missions
  5. Adjust the daily sign-in rewards
  6. Fix the detected bugs

(V3.3.2) Update 24 Jul 2019 Edit

New Function Edit

  1. Unlock Chaos Field: an event mode system, randomly available on weekends (estimated time of release: August)
  2. Unlock Order Field M08
  3. Adjust the Honor system. Achievements are added to Sky and Space
  4. Develop the Gumball and Airship searching system: enter the name and jump to the detailed page of the Gumball or Airship you searched
  5. Unlock some Statue Easter Eggs: Puppeteer, Space Wizard, Joan, and Driver


Optimization Edit

  1. Add a Cosmic Trader shortcut at the Tactical Hall when it’s available
  2. Optimize the reset page of the Regression Sandglass: can reset and raid for multiple times
  3. Remove the claim-count limitation for Bounty Mission per day. Can obtain 5,000 alliance coins at most from the Bounty Mission every day
  4. Increase the max vigor for Chain of Fate and accelerate its recovery speed
  5. Reduce the difficulties of maze quest
  6. Fix the detected bugs

(V3.2.1) Update 22 May 2019 Edit

New Function Edit

  1. Unlock Order Field M07.
  2. Unlock Gumballs‘ trials: Joan, Noble, Cyclops and Semi-Finished Product
  3. Unlock rapid food synthesis function
  4. Unlock some higher-level sky events

Optimization Edit

  1. Optimize details and performances of newly unlocked sky events
  2. Optimize Cosmic Trader interface display
  3. Optimize Licked Lollipop effect, replace valid in this floor with last for 99 rounds
  4. Detected bugs have been fixed

(V3.1.6) Update 22 Apr 2019 Edit

New FunctionEdit

  1. Unlock Order Field M06.
  2. Unlock event 'Cosmos Burning'. Holy Warrior’s Fragments and Pegasus's Saint Dress can be obtained in this event.
  3. Unlock Alliance Blacklist function. Players in the Alliance Blacklist cannot apply to join this Alliance.
  4. Unlock Raid Licence function. Special item 'Regression Sandglass' will be available in the Circus Big Package, which can be used to reset maze raid counts.



  1. Descriptions of some technical items have been optimized.
  2. Notice of device association has been optimized.
  3. Detected bugs have been fixed.

(V3.1.1) Update 19 Mar 2019 Edit

New FunctionEdit

  1. Release the function of automatic use of rune stones
  2. Release the new cosmic merchant ship function (Game Time: 00:00 Friday - 24:00 Sunday)
  3. The outer space expansion page of the alliance store is closed



  1. The Olympus Wonder attributes are adjusted
  2. The upper limit of wonder score is adjusted
  3. The accumulated Eden accelerator rewards obtained through Magic Lizard raiding is promoted
  4. The Magic Lamp is adjusted to be non-meltable in the Chaos Abyss
  5. The EMP Energy Cannon is adjusted to be valid in the battle of Space Rift
  6. The possessed limit of the accelerator is increased
  7. The known bugs are fixed

(V2.9.12) Update 3 Feb 2019Edit

  1. Chinese new year event

(V2.9.11) Update 1 Feb 2019Edit

  1. Bugfixes

(V2.9.9) Update 30 Jan 2019Edit

  1. Customization options

(V2.9.4) Update 22 Jan 2019Edit

What's New

  1. Open the storyline maze, Chaos Abyss
  2. Open Order Domain M05
  3. Open reagent labeling


  1. In Technology Hall, plundering technology item is changed and adjusted to the expropriation efficiency of the corresponding camp
  2. Tower of Eternity is expanded to 120 floors
  3. The rewards of Statue of Mystery are increased
  4. The information bars at the top of the pages of Consumption Points, Star Rank Package and Technical Studies Package are adjusted to Current Points, Current Star Rank and Current Total Time
  5. The upper limit of World Tree level is increased to Level 300
  6. All types of point rewards are expanded (achievement rewards, star rank awards, technology research duration rewards, overlooking point rewards, and consumption point rewards)
  7. The Olympus Wonder is added to the wonder interface
  8. New combos are added (Flame Totem, invitation from celebrities, flame runes, parasitism sample, Mighty Hammer, Backer Medal, Biochemical Potion, Tentacle of Soul, Infected Virus)
  9. The production of Statue of Mystery in Sky Exploitation is increased
  10. A confirmation prompt is added for the reconciliation of the order domain in the homeplanet
  11. Some new items that can be overlooked are added in the Hall of Overlooking
  12. Strategic recovery and analysis of outer space titles have been adjusted to be ineffective for active cells
  13. Certain outer domain properties are added to part of the wonders
  14. Known bugs have been fixed





(V2.8.9) Update 04 Jan 2019 Edit

  1. Unlocked trials for Phoenix, Kusanagi Warrior, Hercules, Black & White Queen

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