Type Asteroid PlanetIcon Asteroid
Location M01, x11y12

Special Places Edit

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Exp Place Unlocks Lore
10 Broken Evochamber
Vepar - Broken Evochamber
Investigate / Integration This huge Evolution Chamber was the place where the Zerg conducted the biological evolution, but it has been abandoned here for a long time!
50 Ancient Altar
Vepar - Ancient Altar
Eliminate Guard Around this altar, there are some ancient Zerg creatures. Only by destroying them can you approach it!
100 Zerg Wreckage
Vepar - Zerg Wreckage
Investigate The wreckage of the Zerg is covered with bullet holes. It must have experienced a fierce battle before death.

Special InteractionsEdit

Broken EvochamberEdit

Ancient AltarEdit

Eliminate GuardEdit

Space Fight 341/170/426/255 E-885050

Completing the fight successfully unlocks the Ancient Altar.

Give EggsEdit

Requires to have won the fight.

Hatch 6 different eggs to receive rewards

Zerg WreckageEdit

Investigate: 1 Pale Golden Egg, 20x Zerg Mucus I, 20x Zerg Carapace I

Study - +3 Alien capacity per fleet (requires Space Analysis "Giant Zerg analysis" maxed)


Grants resources and unlock special places.

Resources : Sabnock Coins, Zerg Mucus I, Zerg Ootheca I, Zerg Carapace I

Example (to give proportions): 1926 Sabnock Coin, 36x Zerg Mucus I, 20x Zerg Ootheca I, 17x Zerg Carapace I

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