Vampire Hunter Vampire Hunter Gold Statue
Trial requirement Vampire Hunter evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

Vampire Hunter's Pearl x3, Gems x5, Energy Crystal of Phoebe (lv360)

Pearl Cost

10x Vampire Hunter Pearl
1x Ghost Captain Pearl

Statue Cost

60 Dark Steel
2x Tethys (Lv. 180)
2x Koios (Lv. 270)
3x Phoebe (Lv. 360)

Statue Bonus Attack+4, Power+2

In Sky and Space, Luck+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6

Method 1:
  • Collect corpse. You should have a seal, 60 blood, and 3 ancient blood.
  • Buy Nibelungen Spear
  • Buy 40 blood or enough blood to upgrade the spear to the max.
  • Buy as many Mithril Bullets with remaining EP.
  • Use Seal
  • Upgrade Spear to maximum
  • Shoot boss to death. If you run out of bullets before he dies, disenchant the contract, and buy more bullets.

Method 2:

  • Collect Corpse.
  • Use Clan Seal
  • Buy Corrosive Bracelet
  • Buy Nibelungen Spear
  • Buy 60 Blood and 1 Ancient Blood
  • Upgrade Bracelet to +9 / +3
  • Upgrade Spear to +3 / +1
  • Purchase 1 Gland and rest of EP on Bullets
  • Use Gland to Kill Lich/Demon
  • Attack Boss and Use Mithral Bullet every time Hourglass is at 1.
  • Once out of Bullets and low HP, Disenchant Blood Contract to buy more Bullets and continue to shoot Boss till dead.

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