Vampire Hunter's Cloak Vampire Hunter's Cloak
Rank: Variable Type: Cloak
Despite a thick layer of dust. this denim cloak bears a bloody but glorious past: Van Helsing. famous vampire hunter, could remember a lifelong mission to hunt down and destroy vampires ever since his earliest years. Despite never being enrolled into the Institute of Vampire Hunters, his heroic deeds had spread to every corner of the continent. Van was in this cloak when he first showed himself up in public.. Made from the fur of a windwolf, it retains many of the windwolf's special abilities - aside from enhancing the wearer's speed. it also has the ability to cause some special damage to the enemy.
Able to upgrade at the Bloody Altar

Essence Blood Upgrades: Attack +1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/12, Dodge +5%
Ancestor's Blood Upgrades: Increase Attack by 10/15/20%
10/15/20% chance to disable the enemy's counterattack while attacking

Source(s): Carried by Vampire Hunter, found in Dracula's Castle
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