Valkyries Valkyries
Type: Summons
The gorgeous female Gumball, compared with other warriors, is obviously much more noble. She must have had remarkable life experiences. However, her eyes are so sluggish; apparently, she has accepted your enlightenment. You have to admit that Athena Gumball's brainwashing work is very thorough.
Use: Summon Valkyries (valid in the Maze)

Enhance Valkyries' fighting capacity based on Athena Gumball's skill:
"Victory Armor Lv.1" Inherit 50% of HP from Athena
"Victory Armor Lv.2" Inherit 50% of Attack from Athena
"Victory Armor Lv.3" Inherit 75% of HP from Athena
"Victory Armor Lv.4" Inherit 75% of Attack from Athena
"Victory Armor Lv.5" Master Valkyries' dress features
Valkyries Dress: Decrease damage suffered by 20%, Increases dodge by 20%. 20% chance of dealing double damage when attacking)

Source(s): Athena exclusive talent with Pinocchio in the party


  • Despite stating that the summon inherits stats from Athena, the summon's stats will be inherited from whatever gumball is used as main.
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