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==Hell Frontier==
==Hell Frontier==
*Pages for Broken Angel's soul and Complete Angel's photo
*Check Demon Lord souls
*Check Demon Lord souls
*Check Demon Lord rare steal
*Check Demon Lord rare steal
*Check all monsters souls (Taken from photos)
*Check all monsters souls (Taken from photos)
*Check Demonized Gumball rare steal
*Check Demonized Gumball rare steal
==Pirate's Port==
==Pirate's Port==

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This is a collection of missing data/info that needs to be topped up in various areas.

By maze pages:

Adventurer's Forest

  • Pages for Ancient Tree of Lore's souls
  • Ancient Tree of Lore's photos
  • Need to double check all photos, no info on Shoot page.

Ancient Arena

  • Pages for Orc Fighter souls
  • Steals for Skeleton Hound, Spider, Cannon, Pea Cannon, Musketeer
  • Souls for Reborn Gumball, Bomb Master Gumball, Armored Warrior Gumball
  • Steals, souls and photos for Bullfighting Arena enemies

Avalon Fortress

  • Double check any drops of components from enemies
  • Check if there are any special photos for Frost Titan


  • Pages for all of Skeleton Dragon's souls
  • Double check souls for Dragon Egg and Nightmare Dragon Whelp?

Bloody Fortress

  • Red Dragon Special souls
  • Photo for Red Dragon and Spikey Skeleton

Bracada College

  • Pages for Bloody Professor Photos
  • Pages for Bloody Professor's Souls
  • Manticore steals
  • Double check if there is Blurry photos for goblins and Korosensei

Card Wonderland

  • Pages for Blurry Plant's Photo and Clear Plant's Photo
  • Pages for all of Wonderland Dragon's souls and photos
  • Page for Dragon Heart's Picture.
  • Check all normal monster souls (simply followed photos)

Chaos Abyss

  • Pages for Old Days Dominator souls and photo
  • Giant Toad soul
  • Check souls of all Demons, presumed to just be Demon souls

City of Steam

  • Pages for Mechanical Guardian souls
  • Page for Mechanical Guardian photo
  • Check for any difference between Airship and battle form of boss
  • Check all photos for mechanical monsters, assumed mechanical photos

Cloud Island

  • Check Evil Spirit King and Evil Spirit for souls/Special souls
  • Check Evil Spirit King for special photo
  • Check for Tamamo-no-mae's steals

Desert Oasis

  • Mammoth's special souls
  • Bandit common and rare steals
  • Check for ALL PHOTOS

Dracula's Castle

  • Pages for Bone Dragon's photos
  • Need normal and special souls for Bone Dragon

Eden's Land




Forest of Whispers

  • Check Mushroom steals and photo
  • Check Ancient Protector photo
  • Pages for Ancient Protector souls

God's Chessboard

  • Check souls for God's Projection and Evil God Projection
  • Check photos of all regular monsters (assumed to be elemental creatures)
  • Check for Evil God Projection photo

Hell Frontier

  • Check Demon Lord souls
  • Check Demon Lord rare steal
  • Check all monsters souls (Taken from photos)
  • Check Demonized Gumball rare steal

Pirate's Port

  • Pages for Turtle Master's Soul and Stark's Soul
  • Pages for Lord of Tide souls
  • Check other 2 special souls of Lord of Tide
  • Check Pirate ship's steals and photo

Saint's Tower

  • Pages for Young Mage's Soul and Voldemort's soul
  • Page for Broken's Mammal's Soul
  • Pages for Astana's Projection's souls
  • Check for Astana's Projection's photo
  • Check for all photos, really

Skeleton Island

  • Page for Ghost Captain's Soul
  • Jellyfish requires new image
  • Page for Siren's soul
  • Check for Siren's 3 unique souls

Spaceship Ruin

  • Check drops for normal mobs
  • Check for basic and special souls of Enemy of Machine (Pages as well)
  • Check for photo and soul of Bloody Wolf enemy
  • Pages for Frank's Diary and Jason's Diary
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