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Gumballs & Dungeons Wikia
Cost Title(s)
EnergyStorageProgram.pngEnergy Storage Program

HP +200/400/600
Recover Energy +1 for advancing every 4/3/2 floors


Energy Cannon becomes Beam Cannon
(Base damage is doubled)

"Beam Cannon" Power + 0/25%/50%
Attack + 30/60/90

Gravity Wave Program.pngGravity Wave Program

Energy Cannon becomes Gravity Wave
(Base damage +14.3%, damages all visible enemies)

Particle Collision Program.pngParticle Collision Program

Beam Cannon applies Burning effect (for 3 rounds).
Burning damage is Attack * 50%/75%/100%
Attack +30/60/90, HP +300/600/900

Dither Program.pngDither Program
Weaknes Induction Program.pngWeaknes Induction Program

Beam Cannon 20%/35%/50% chance to deal double damage
Attack +30/60/90, HP +300/600/900

Energy Guiding Program.pngEnergy Guiding Program
50 (*10)
Quantum Distortion Program.pngQuantum Distortion Program

Max effect:
Beam Cannon has 100% chance to proc Distortion

  • Lasts for 5 rounds (halved for Boss)
  • +105% to damage suffered and freeze

Attack+600, HP+3000

Precise Guidance Program.pngPrecise Guidance Program

Max effect:
Beam Cannon Power +120%

Attack+600, HP+3000

Space Collapse Program.pngSpace Collapse Program
Black Hole Simulation Program.pngBlack Hole Simulation Program