Gravity Propeller Universe Beacon
Type: Eden Goods
This extremely precious Universe Beacon which records the coordinates of an unknown starfield comes from the mysterious Childe Alliance. It has no fear of interference from any factor. No matter where you are, the pointer on the beacon will point firmly to the marker.
Unlock the Transition Beam near Order Field Mxx
Source(s): Space
  • Battle reward


Each space order field (Space/M01, Space/M02,...) has one Universe Beacon for the next field, usually found as reward for a level III fight. Once you obtain a space beacon, you may find and use it from the eden goods list, found in Eden. Once the beacon has been used, you can go to the next space field by clicking on it in the Star Map (2nd Icon from the right in the Space interface to access the Star Map); to do so requires and consumes a Space Transitioner.

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