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Undead Contract (Treasure).png Undead Contract
Rank: ✮✮✮ Type: Treasure
This leather contract bears a long and aged name "Joseph Vissarionovich Death Mask", the lord of the underworld. Any creature that is bound to this contract will have their wildest dream fulfilled. The price to pay varies from one to another. Most of what they gave us sound insignificant that one probably would not spare a glance for, such as losing one fraction of memory or killing a nobody... The interesting part is the most desired dream coming true didn't bring happiness to any of those who have signed this contract. Instead, they all lived the rest of their life in extreme pain and deep regret.
Immune to Poisoned

Inflict 30% extra damage when you attack Undead

Suit: Dark Furnace
Source(s): Carried by Death Knight when used as main gumball

Drop from Death Knight ally in Hell Frontier

Other Uses