Undead Armor Undead Armor
Rank: Variable Type: Armor
This bone armor, made of chest and shin bone, was designed by a necromancer called Harvan, a talented designer with a specialty in death items. He knew the importance of a brandname, so he carved his name on all of his works. He was so popular that nearly every city inhabited by human had hung out an order for his arrest. One day, Harvan went downtown to procure some materials, unfortunately, someone saw through his disguise and he was apprehended. Laterly, he was executed publicly, with his body preserved to be tour around the continent, making Harvan even more popular than when he was alive.
Defense +1 (+1 per level)

10% chance to cast Disrupting Ray while attacking.
Can enhance this equipment on Undead Experiment Table

Source(s): Created in Borderland maze
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