Turtle Master's Shell Turtle Master's Shell
Rank: ✮✮✮ Type: Armor
The heavy turtle shell comes from a reclusive old man living alone on an island. Rumor has it that the training he gives his disciples is quite simple: make them wear turtle shells (for the sole purpose of preventing them from running away), then let them work serve as hard labor doing endless heavy duties to earn money for him. This method of training has gone on for some time until one of the desciple died from over exhaustion and the truth was exposed.
Equip to start training: consecutively advance through 10 floors of the Maze (Can't unequip midway). Then the shell will disappear, Gumball's Attack +5, Dodge +10%
Source(s): Found in Shark's Stomach in Pirate's Port

Other Uses

  • When using Panda, the shell may be given to the Turtle Master on 29F for 4 Dragon Balls.
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