Gumball trials become available once you've unlocked the Fane Expansion, which becomes available once you've completed the Legend of the Dragon in Sky.

Once a gumball is at five stars with a certificate unlocked, specific gumballs may have their trial event unlocked.

Note: Inside a Trial maze, you can use the S/L method to retry it as many times as you like.

After completing a gumball trial, you will be able to construct its Statue. It will cost 11 pearls (10 for the gumball who completed the trial and 1 from a secondary gumball). Generally. completing the trial will award you with 3 or more pearls in addition to other materials. You will also need some gold and Energy Crystals.

Having a statue built will award you with:

  • Additional energy in Sky and Space.
  • Stats in Sky and space of Fire, Armor, Speed or Luck
  • Increase of Clone storage capacity for your space fleets.
  • You may unlock an Easter Egg for the gumball.

Shrine ceremony Edit

At the Fane Expansion, several gumballs have a special ceremony which skips the trial event:

Faction Trials
Aoluwei's Blade Warrior, Spy, Butcher, Ripper, Zeus, Little May, Snowman
Canas' Enlightenment Poseidon, Magic Boy, Doctor Octopus, Chef, Gang Cadre
Ranger's Song Apollo, Masamune, Starmoon Scholar, Jeweler, Blade
Abyss' Roar Time Wizard, Templar, Hades, Sculptor, Geisha

Trial items Edit

Certain gumballs may have their trial completed by using a special item, found in Eden, Space, Events or certain Mazes.

Trial items found in Space

Item Gumball Source
Rahi's Giant Tooth Crypt Lord Space/M01 - Sabnock Planet, Obtained from Split Pool "Nothing Special" option, Cost 5000 Sabnock Coin
Cerebrate Space/M01 - ?
Essence of Life World Tree Space/M01 - Space field 100% completion reward
Sugar Space/M02 - ?
Ray Adas Space/M02 - ?
Hell Bat Armor Night Knight Space/M02 - Space field 100% completion reward
Skull Wine Glass Nobunaga  ?

Trial items found in Mazes

Item Gumball Source
Fox Fur Gumiho Cloud Island level 60+

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Trials unlocked through Eden research Edit

Research trees will be available from Eden.

Gumball Tech tree
Captain Research/Airship Control
No.1 Parasite Research/Gumball Cultivation
No.2 Parasite Research/Gumball Cultivation
No.3 Parasite Research/Gumball Cultivation
No.4 Parasite Research/Gumball Cultivation
Experiment Subject No.1 Research/Gumball Cultivation
Experiment Subject No.2 Research/Gumball Cultivation
Experiment Subject No.3 Research/Gumball Cultivation

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