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Toxin Brew Device.png Toxin Brew Device
Rank: Variable Type: Gloves
This greasy bangle is covered with all sort of messy electronic components with a huge test tube at the middle. You may activate this device when you are poisoned (First, you need to insert the conduit into your vein, connecting it to the test tube for blood analysis). The green liquid in the test tube will start to boil over and filter away unwanted elements, leaving only those that can be absorbed by the body and transmit them back into the blood.

Increase effects of all damage spells by -/-/-/-/5%
Transfers a certain amount of toxins to upgrade genes (10/20/30/40)

Avalon Fortress Upgrade: Chemistry Knowledge (Cell Hormone) provides: ???
Source(s): Carried by Cyborg when used as main gumball


  • Upgrade points are gained every time you are poisoned, not every round you stay poisoned. For example, if you kill a Jellyfish in Skeleton Island then click five tiles you gain 5 points; if you click one tile then act for two rounds while poisoned, you only gain the one point for being poisoned in the first place.