Thodius's Swordsmanship Notebook Thodius's Swordsmanship Notebook
Type: Consumable
This ragged swordsmanship notebook was written by Thodius. the previous head of warriors of the Holy Aoluwei Empire. During his service, the empire was under attack of the Abyss troops. The king and four princes all died in action, leaving the empire in severe danger. This warrior head from a low family background vowed on his knee in front of the young princess. He accepted the armour that represented royal powers and assumed command of the national army. The war went on for three more years. and Thodius was fighting in the front at every battle. bringing hope to his people. Following the Abyss troops' retreat, people could hardly believe that they won the war. After the war. Thodius executed all nobles who had failed their duty. He spent the next five years to put the empire back in order. When everybody was looking forward to his ascending to the throne, Thodius went off after leaving a long heartfelt letter to the princess.
Use: Gain 200 EP. Decrease 20% EP consumption while upgrading Melee Title
Source(s): Use Divine Dragon Wish "I want your collections"
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