The Tower (Tarot Card) The Tower
Type: Summons
The Tower is the only card in the Major Arcana without any positive meaning. It's patterned with a cloud-kissing tower bring struck by lightning. It represents an unpredictable disaster, even the most powerful creature cannot go against the rules of a plane. Challenging fate will only bring down the wrath of the gods.
Use: Summon the Tower (Valid in maze). The Tower can bring bonuses according to Tarot Gumball's skills.

"Tarot Lv. 1" Learn Protection
"Tarot Lv. 2" HP +50%
"Tarot Lv. 3" Learn Strong Rampart
"Tarot Lv. 4" HP +50%
"Tarot Lv. 5" Learn Reflective Armor

Source(s): Tarot Card drawn by Tarot


  • Protection: Takes Damage for Gumball
  • Strong Rampart: Damage suffered decreased by 30%
  • Reflective Armor: Reflect damage to the attacker when sustaining an attack (The effect will be halved when against a BOSS)
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