This event is one of the four Airship Gumball Events and combines airship battles and mazes. It is themed around Buddhism and Dharmapalas.

Sixth Heaven Approach


To have access to this event, you need to have unlocked airships and at least 100k energy. If you meet the requirements and the event is ongoing, your first sky exploration should make you approach the event. After that, you can return to it by clicking on the Lotus icon that will appear on your mini-map.


  • November 22 to ?, 2017
  • Give or take a few weeks, every 2 months since then.
  • November 2 to 8, 2019  (Mahiraga)

Overall info

Defeat the enemy ships for score rewards and badges. Score is used for end of event prizes (Dharmapala Gumballs fragments and The Sixth Heaven airship chips). Badges are for purchasing prizes in the badge shop.

150,000 score rewards are required for the best prize. That means getting 20,000 each day (defeat all enemies) and the 10,000 bonus on the last day for the "ultimate boss".

Gumballs that can be recruited:


Sky enemies

Maximum 20,000 score rewards per day. Even if you fail to defeat an enemy, you'll get a fraction of its score rewards. It will look like the possible score rewards are decreasing because you've already claimed some of them.

Gumball Score Badges Energy Fire Armor Speed Luck
Yaksha 1000 50 300k 15 10 25 10
Gandharva 1500 50 600k 18 36 24 32
Mahiraga 2000 50 1250k 27 36 48 54
Asura 2500 50 2000k 54 68 72 28
Garuda 3500 50 3000k 84 56 105 56
Magmatron (Form 1) 4500 50 4000k 112 98 98 60
Magmatron (Form 2) 5000 50 5500k 122 103 103 65
The Sixth Heaven (final day only) 10,000 50 8000k 127 113 113 70


Once a day, you can ask the Bodhi Tree for an orange rune to be used automatically in your next event fight. You also get one rune when you fail a fight multiple times in a row. The number of fails needed to get a rune vary but it is usually in the range 3 to 5.

Rune Effect
Vajra Knot Main Cannon's power +30%

When the round begins:

  • Decrease enemy's Fire and Armor by 10.
Gold Dharma-cakra Decrease enemy's Main Cannon's Damage by 25%

When the round begins:

  • Increase Fire and Armor by 10.
Victory Pennant All attributes +1°

When battle begins:

  • Seal the enemy for 1 round.
Gold Toad Bodhi Decrease enemy's Main Cannon's Damage by 25%

When the round begins:

  • 25% chance to confine the enemy (lasts for 1 round).
Lotus Bodhi Decrease damage suffered by 20%

When the round begins:

  • Increase Energy by 5% of self total Energy.
Sun Bodhi Fire +50

When the battle begins:

  • Inflicts damage : 30% of self total energy. Burn the enemy, lasts for 1 round.
Buddha-eye Bodhu Speed +30, Luck +30

When battle begins:

  • Increase Energy ( 20% of self total Energy)
Vajra Bodhi When the battle begins:

  • Inflicts damage : 150% might of main cannon, ignores armor.



Sometimes after defeating a Dharmapalas you can follow it into a maze (1 vigor). If you fail to complete the maze it will disappear and you will not be able to re-enter it until you defeat that Dharmapala again.

After completion of all six items dropped from the special gumballs you submit them to fight another god who drops Bodhi Buddha Beads (Misc) that gives 160 fragments for a Special Artifact Bodhi Buddha Beads (make sure to heal up first).

Maze Enemies

Monk (Human)

  • Salvation: Launches a ranged attack every 2 rounds
  • Training: Decreases the damage sustained by 50%
  • 50% chance to drop Broken Buddhist Texts

Followers (Human)

  • Pray: Increase Attack by 10 per round
  • Buddha's Blessing: Chance to immune all damage
  • Drops: 20% chance to drop 1 Badge, 25% chance to drop Buddhist Texts

Maze Bosses


  • There are two versions for each boss : one for end of maze boss and one for the 'surprise' bosses in the middle of the dungeons. The middle bosses are the ones dropping the pieces that you have to give to the statue to get 160 fragments of the special artefact. Magmatron appears only as a middle boss.
  • Mid-maze bosses are not technically considered Bosses. This means, among other things, that the Warrior title doesn't work on them.
Enemy Name & Type Form Skill Drops & Steals


(floor 4) Attack:35 HP:450 / (end) Attack:40 HP:800

Bloodlust: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, deal double damage and add Blood-Leech effect (50% of damage dealt is converted to HP)
Valor: Attack doubles when HP drops below 50%

Yaksha Ghost Face


(floor 2) Attack:30 HP: 450 / Attack: 45 HP: 800

Heavenly Music: Launch an attack every 3 rounds to cause 400% damage
Phantom Spell: Chance to immune all damage

Buddhist Sound Bracelet


Attack: 30 HP:550 / Attack:45 HP:1000

Poison Fang: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, dealing double damage to the enemy and adding Poison effect (loses ?/8 HP each round for 3 rounds)

Snake Bone Shield: Reflect 30% of the damage taken back to the attacker

Snake Bone Shield


Attack:25 HP:550 / Attack: ~35 HP:1000

Strength of Shura: Launch an attack every 3 rounds to cause 400% damage to enemies
Asura Force: Increase Attack by 5 every round

Shura Armor


Attack:35 HP:550 / Attack:50 HP:1000

Claw: Launch an attack every 2 rounds and add Bleeding effect (loses X HP each round for 3 rounds, X = Garuda's Attack * 150%)
Gold Wings: Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +30%

Wings of Gold


Attack:35 HP:600

Lightning Summons: Launch an attack every round
Samsara: Revive with full HP once after being killed.

Magmatron Sword
Image of Demi-gods and Semi-devils


Attack:60 HP:1500

Sky eye: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, deal triple damage to enemy and add Collapse effect (Damage suffered increased by 50% for 3 rounds)

Domain of Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils: Damage suffered decreased by 50%, immunity to all control status

Various Occurrences

Item Result
Followers listening to the sermon
Buddhist Follower med
There are 5 of these followers on the last floor.

Any AoE spell or attack from summoned allies will kill them.
If they are still alive after the boss is dead, you can give them some objects:

You can get 5 fragments per Gumball per iteration of the event. (Including fragments obtained from raids)

Specials (1x/event each):


  • If you submit any given special item for which you have already received the special reward during the event, you will only get the standard 1 Badge reward.
  • For the Cross reward and probably for the others too, you will get the usual fragment instead of the special reward if you have not yet reached the fragment limit of 5 for that gumball during this instance of the event. This does not preclude you from getting the special reward in a later maze run.

Maze Rewards

Dharmapala Maze Run
Bandit's Raid
Yaksha 3000 Relics + 20 Badge

+ A few Badge dropped from enemies
+ Usually 5 Gumball Fragment or 10x Badge from the last floor followers (See above).

Gandharva 3000 Relics + 20 Badge

+ A few Badge dropped from enemies
+ Usually 5 Gumball Fragment or 10x Badge from the last floor followers (See above).

Mahiraga 3000 Relics + 20 Badge

+ A few Badge dropped from enemies
+ Usually 5 Gumball Fragment or 10x Badge from the last floor followers (See above).

5000 Relics + 22 Badge + 25 Bodhi Buddha Beads fragment.

+ 5 Gumball Fragment or 5x Badge

Asura 3000 Relics + 20 Badge

+ A few Badge dropped from enemies
+ Usually 5 Gumball Fragment or 10x Badge from the last floor followers (See above).

Garuda 3000 Relics + 20 Badge

+ A few Badge dropped from enemies
+ Usually 5 Gumball Fragment or 10x Badge from the last floor followers (See above).

Badge Shop

Trade badges for prizes (badge costs shown are latest costs. Some costs were initially higher.)

Item Badges
Yaksha fragment x1 15
Gandharva fragment x1 15
Mahiraga fragment x1 15
Asura fragment x1 15
Garuda fragment x1 20
Magmatron fragment x1 30
Misty Sound 300
Dragon-Slayer Mark 300
Statue of Dharmapala 300
Relic Fragments Pack 100
Modification Material Pack 100
Battery Pack x1 50
Mysterious Statue x1 2
Saint Buddhist Relic 2000

There is one Saint Buddhist Relic per event gumball. They are available for sale once the corresponding gumball is at 5 stars with certificate (or with enough fragments to achieve that). The relics are used at the Fane Expansion to start building the statues of these gumballs.

Score Rewards

Gumball fragments change from iteration to iteration, they cycle in the following order:

This is the same order as the fragments in the shop (reading top-down, left to right)

Rank Score Relic Fragments Modification Material Packs Dharmapalas Fragments The Sixth Heaven chips
1 150,000 150k 15 120 60
2 130,000 130k 14 110 45
3 110,000 110k 13 100 40
4 90,000 90k 12 90 35
5 70,000 70k 11 80 30
6 55,000 55k 10 70 30
7 45,000 45k 9 60 25
8 40,000 40k 8 45 20
9 35,000 35k 7 30 15
10 30,000 30k 6 20 10
11 25,000 25k 5 10
12 20,000 20k 4
13 15,000 15k 3
14 10,000 15k
15 5000 10k


Sky part tips

  • You will get one assistance from Auspicious Sky each day, use it wisely!
  • Auspicious Sky will also give you a rune after you fail a fight sometimes.
  • You can revive during a fight using gems (3, 6, 9, 12, 15 consecutively).
  • If you fight the same god repeatedly (3 times for the first ones, 5 times or more for more difficult ones) and fail to kill it, you will have a free rune on your next try that can significantly improve your chances.

Maze tips

  • Raiding will get you 5 frags(once per gumball per event) and ~30 artifact pieces. Those are the same fragments that you can obtain with the Listeners. (i.e. : max 5 frags per instance per gumball total)
  • For normal runs the perfect team is Justice Herald main and Lamp + Magic Boy as link with the Harp and Queen's Blessing as potion, use the potion when you find the sub boss and on the boss and rush poe on the magic skill tree
  • For the run where you fight the Image of Demi-gods and Semi-devils a good team is Priest main and Lamp + Magic Boy as link with the same artifact/potion as above, rush the poe same as above but max Black Mage and Earth Master titles for power and extra Gravities. Play as mentioned above and when you fight the Image boss Just nuke him with gravity and cure if needed.
  • If you want to try to get a Cross for the 3 Gem reward, the team with the highest chance of getting one is probably King Arthur + Lancelot + Pirate.
  • For the True Cross run for the Golden Pot reward, one option is Lionheart King+Masamune+Yaksha with Harp of Adventurer and Police Issued Cardiotonic. This does not allow for any backtrack effect but makes the run easy even with a low rank Lionheart King.


  1. There might also be a total limit across all runs of the event. It is possible to get it at least 4 times.
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