The Lovers The Lovers
Type: Consumable
The Lover is the best card in Tarot explaining love. It's patterned with a young couple mated by angels' order. It indicates a bright future. The reversed Lover refers to immature love or yielding to temptation.
Use: Receive special effects according to Tarot Gumball's skills (The effects can last during the floor but can't be accumulated).

[Tarot Lv. 1] Recover 5% HP
[Tarot Lv. 2] Recover 5% HP
[Tarot Lv. 3] Recover 5% HP
[Tarot Lv. 4] Recover 5% HP
[Tarot Lv. 5] Increase a random attribute

Source(s): Tarot Card drawn by Tarot
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