The Fool The Fool
Type: Consumable
The Fool is Major Arcana's first card. However, it doesn't follow any order like other cards. It's more like the beginning or end of everything. Major Arcana consists 22 cards, each of which represents one certain experience or quality. We must combine all of them to fully understand ourselves so as to completely grow. Such process of grow is known as the "Journey of Fool".
Use: Receive special effects according to Tarot Gumball's skills (effect lasts for the current floor, uses its own buff slot, doesn't stack with itself).

"Tarot Lv. 1" Defense +3
"Tarot Lv. 2" Defense +3
"Tarot Lv. 3" Defense +3
"Tarot Lv. 4" Defense +3
"Tarot Lv. 5" Decrease long-range damage by 30%

Source(s): Tarot Card drawn by Tarot
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