The Dead Cat The Dead Cat
Type: Summons
This dead cat was an ideal experiment conducted by the famous Sorcerer Schrodinger in Canas, he stated: "The cat is dead and alive!" He tried to illustrate whether the macro-scale complies with micro-scale in reference to quantum superposition. Then he smartly combined micro radioactive sources and macro cat, which led him into proving that quantum mechanics are incomplete when they are under a macro state. Afterwards, more sorcerers joined in the debate and this cat triggered a discussion about parallel universe and many other such philosophical topics.
Use: Revive Aze Cat (Consume 100 EP). Based on Sorcerer Gumball's skill, Aze Cat ability bonus:

"Quantum Mechanics Lv. 1" After revival, HP+20
"Quantum Mechanics Lv. 2" After revival, Attack+1
"Quantum Mechanics Lv. 3" Master Dodge feature
"Quantum Mechanics Lv. 4" Master channeling feature
"Quantum Mechanics Lv. 5" Master quantum form feature

Aze Cat - abilities:

  • Dodge - High Dodge Attribute (30% base)
  • Channeling - Adds 30% of Gumball's Power as damage when attacking
  • Quantum Form - 30% chance to revive after death
Source(s): Carried by Sorcerer Gumball

In-maze appearance

Aze Cat
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