The Dawn War II The Dawn War II
Type: Consumable
Histories about the Dawn War II were recorded on this old manuscript. The Dawn War II was so fierce, which even can be compared with the Genesis War on this aspect. Bloody Fortress, Nigel Ned Fortress, and Avalon Fortress were razed to the ground (Undead Realm rebuilt these places hundreds of years later). In the Loya Campaign, the main forces of both sides were mostly died or badly wounded, and the troops of the Knight Alpha and Summoner Lina were completely annihilated... The last stand was located at the City of Steam, the heart of this kingdom. After this final battle, this city was mostly destroyed to ruins, and the glory of this kingdom was gone. No one can be called as the winner in this battle. Abyss army had no soldier left alive, its leader frost giant Rossini died together with the kingdom's archmage Merlin, the odin Dardanelles fell into the Chaos Abyss after killing the Flamedragon Som. After this war, the glorious Light Kingdom fell apart, and then, vanished...
Use: Attack +2, obtain 300 EP
Source(s): In Bracada College
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