The Dawn War I The Dawn War I
Type: Consumable
Histories about the Dawn War I were recorded on this old manuscript. Gumballs call the realm outside the Light Kingdom as Lianyu, which means evil, horror, darkness and kill. Every creature comes from Lianyu will be named as "Alien", and they are the enemies to the whole Light Kingdom. On a peaceful night, alien enemies united together and formed up the expeditionary forces, called "Abyss Army". They set out on the battlefield of the Light Kingdom... This war lasted for only one hundred and sixty days, but numerous livings fell in this war. The solidarity presented by the alien enemies in this war deeply threatened the opinionated royal rulers. During the several centuries after the war, the rulers dedicated to developing their technology and military forces, strengthen frontier defence, and even sent spies to the Lianyu. But all their efforts could not stop the coming of the Dawn War II...
Use: Power +2, obtain 300EP
Source(s): In Bracada College
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