The Book of Prophecy The Book of Prophecy
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Treasure
This thick book can almost be used as a knight's shield. When you try to read it, you will find that no matter where you flip, it always open to the same page and a fragment of the future related to you emerges. The author of the book, is the most famouse warlock of the Erathia period - Lapras. He hypothesized that "... We regard the present state of the universe as its past fruit and future cause. Suppose there is a "omniscient and omnipotent" wise man who knows the force of all natural movements and the location of all natural constituent objects in a certain moment, and is able to make analysis of all these data, then the movement locus of the entire universe can be included in a simple formula. But for the wise man, nothing is vague. All images of the future will be presented in front of him as the past!
Power+6, the damage of all high-level spells+50%

Everytime you enter the next floor, Prophecy Point+5 (Add extra effect according to High Priest Gumball's skill)
"Great Prophecy Lv.1" Recover HP+5
"Great Prophecy Lv.2" Recover MP+5
"Great Prophecy Lv.3" Prophecy Point+5
"Great Prophecy Lv.4" Obtain random Spell Scrolls
"Great Prophecy Lv.5" Randomly enhance one attribute

Source(s): Carried by High Priest
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