The 7th Seal The 7th Seal
Type: Consumable
The old scroll looks very ordinary, it says "...When a lamb broke the seventh seal, the sky went silent for half and hour..."
Use: receive Armageddon x3

When Creator uses it, get 100 Gem (1x/ever)

When Crusader uses it, receives 20,000 Coins (1x/ever)

And *sometimes*:

Source(s): Gods' Chessboard maze


The gumball related bonuses on this item are weird:

  • The 100 Gem and 20,000 Coins will be listed on the item if you have the proper main gumball and have not received that reward yet. They *might* also be listed if you have not received them yet and have any other gumball as main.
  • The Attack +5 (for Crusader) and the doubling effect (for Soul Reaper) will be listed randomly without regard as to which Gumball is your main.
  • Obviously, to receive the extra reward, you need it to be listed *and* have the correct gumball as main.
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