Terran Base (Maze)
Type Space Mazes
Source/Unlock Terran Base in Botis
Normal reward Unknown
Raid boost N/A
Raid reward None

Terran Base is a Space Maze on Botis. The Terran Base will need to be unlocked with the Key of Terran Base. Once unlocked, the maze can be entered.

This hidden base is the last Terran base in the entire starfield. The corpses that fill the doorway indicates that it has just been attacked...

Overview Edit

  • This maze has 5 floors.
  • Each floor except the Boss Floor opens up with 5 Base Guards revealed.
  • Uses 3 vigors to enter the maze.
  • Weapons Box will show up and each floor except Boss Floor.
  • Once completed, this maze can no longer be entered or raided.

Enemies Edit

Enemy Skill Usual
Base Guard
Shooting : Launch an attack every 2 rounds

Light Armor: Physical Resistance +10%, Spell Resistance +10%

Sabnock Coin 50 EP
Poisonous Insect
Appears inside the cave on Floor 4

Poison Fang: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, and bring the Poison (Lose 20 HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds)

Competent Cells 50 EP

Attack : 50, HP 3000
Precise Shot: Launch an attack each round, dealing double damage to the enemy
Stimulant: Launch every 3 rounds, lose HP by 100 and increase Attack by 30 (Lasting 2 rounds)
Enhance Armor!: Physical Resistance +20%, Spell Resistance +20%

NA 50 EP

Encounters Edit

Weapon BoxEdit

Weapon Box

There is one on each floor, including floors repeated through PoE like effects.
Finds :

Blocked GateEdit

This thick iron gate is full of cobwebs. Special cries of the zerg creature come out of the gate from time to time
Blocked Gate

This is a cave entrance on floor 4 (1x/run), and once inside you will find:

  • 3 Poisonous Insect enemies
  • 1 Infected Corpse

Infected Corpse:

Adventurer's Remains med
The corpse of this human gunner is covered with wounds that had been bitten by the Zerg creatures and had been seriously infected. There seems to be a secret in his pocket...

Gives : Infected Venom + Mysterious Egg (Maze Item) (which gives Mysterious Egg in settlement)


Appears on last Floor.

This sturdy bunker can withstand a lot of damage, and there are also ferocious weapons destruction inside! You can enter the bunker and kill the enemies stronger than you!

Durability : 600
Being in the bunker increases you Attack by 50


The last floor contains rewards stored in 5 steel cabinets accessible after killing the Boss:

From in the cave, you get Commando's dress "The Infected" and one Mysterious Egg


Note that GoT in this maze doesn't provide any hidden items like some of the other mazes it will just give a generic GoT item and Farplane Ranger doesn't even give you a generic soul from the corpse never mind a unique soul.

your best bet for this maze is to go with either a melee or magic gumball as your main

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