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Somewhat similar to the Cost template, this template can be used to add pearl images inline. The template has one mandatory argument: the name of the gumball or a faction name (for a generic faction pearl).



10x {{Pearl|Modificator}}

Gives: 10x Pearl

The icon links to the Pearl page.

How it works:

  • The template first look for a file like "File:Pearl - GumballName - Icon.png" for display.
  • If no such file is found, it then looks for "File:Pearl - GumballName.png".
  • If there is no such image either, it just display Pearl.

Of course, if an image is later added, the display of the page will be automatically updated accordingly within a few minutes.

For factions, use: "Alowei", "Canas", "Ranger" or "Abyss".

With multiple Arguments

A second parameter can be user and can have the following values:

  • medium
  • big

If medium or big is specified:

  • the "-Icon" version of the file will not be used and
  • the pearl will be displayed in size 48px or 96px.
  • the third parameter can be used to specify an alignment, typically "center". Be aware that when you do this, the image is no longer inline and is likely to stand on a line of its own.
  • if you specify an alignment, the link will be to the gumball page instead of Pearl.

Cropped Icons

The main reason behind using specific cropped icons when available rather than the official image is that uncropped image displayed inline will cause a bigger than necessary padding between lines.
Also, pictures sharpened in tools like Gimp or Photoshop do look better when the display size is very small like here.

Example with cropped icon:

10x Pearl and look at how the padding between the rows is not impacted or not much.
Next line
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Note for image uploaders

  • If the pearl image is the official image from the apk, upload it with the name: "Pearl - GumballName.png"
  • If it is a cropped version of that (size around 64x65 or 64x64), user "Pearl - GumballName - Icon.png".
  • This way the template knows whether to increase the display size to compensate for the transparent bits or not.
  • Dont worry about the " " characters in the filenames, the wiki will automatically transform them into "_". You can safely ignore the warning about that.
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