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Type: «Unknown Type - {{UnknownValue}}»
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Example usage:

Main Parameters


When filling in item type for equipment, please refer to the following list for categorization purposes:

Additional parameters

For potion brew costs:


For Avalon Fortress, City of Steam and Erathia item upgrades


For upgrades coming from gumballs

|talentgumball= The name of the gumball(s)
|talent=  The effect(s)

If talentgumball is a single gumball (i.e. resolves to a valid page), the template will automatically adds the brackets [[...]]

For items of type "Soul", specify "soultype" as Broken, Complete or Violent


For runestone types, use Plunder, Avenge, or Explore


When the filename of the icon doesn't match the name of the item:


Note - This image will overwrite any default image based on the item type.

To put a background color around the icon:

|iconbg=   With a color in # format like #C0C0C0  or plain English like red

For the item type Photo, specify "phototype as Blurry, Clear, or Art.

If the photo has a custom description, such as Monkey's Photo, do not specify phototype; instead, manually set "iconfile" and "description".