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Rank 1

  • Butter Cream Bread.png Butter Cream Bread
  • Caveman's Gingerbread.png Caveman's Gingerbread
  • Goblin's Chocolate.png Goblin's Chocolate
  • Goblin's Pizza.png Goblin's Pizza
  • Hobbit Omelet.png Hobbit Omelet
  • Soul Cake.png Soul Cake
  • Witch's Chocolate.png Witch's Chocolate

Rank 2

  • Bishop's Chocolate.png Bishop's Chocolate
  • Comet Cake.png Comet Cake
  • Dreamland Fruit Wine.png Dreamland Fruit Wine
  • Dryad's Ice Cream.png Dryad's Ice Cream
  • Dwarf's Bitter.png Dwarf's Bitter
  • Starlight Pie.png Starlight Pie

Rank 3

  • Angel's Puff.png Angel's Puff
  • Demon's Chocolate.png Demon's Chocolate
  • Griffin's Brownie.png Griffin's Brownie
  • Lava Cheese.png Lava Cheese
  • Owl's Red Wine.png Owl's Red Wine
  • Storm Doughnut.png Storm Doughnut
  • Unicorn's Cheese.png Unicorn's Cheese
  • Vodka of Fate.png Vodka of Fate

Rank 4

  • Apollo Pizza.png Apollo Pizza
  • Beamon Burger.png Beamon Burger
  • Cake of Oracle.png Cake of Oracle
  • Dragon Blood Whiskey.png Dragon Blood Whiskey
  • Emperor's Chocolate.png Emperor's Chocolate
  • Medusa Brandy.png Medusa Brandy
  • Mermaid Jam.png Mermaid Jam
  • Rainbow Bubble Champagne.png Rainbow Bubble Champagne
  • Sage Cookie.png Sage Cookie
  • Vampire's Tart.png Vampire's Tart
  • Void Ice Cream.png Void Ice Cream

Rank 4 skill

  • Lich King's Rum.png Lich King's Rum
  • Red Dragon Tempura.png Red Dragon Tempura
  • Starmoon Vodka.png Starmoon Vodka
  • Twilight Whisky.png Twilight Whisky