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The main goal of this template is to make it easy to insert small icons of items or concepts often used as units within text.

| amount
| unit  (coin/gem/relics/...)

Recognized units:
* coin
* gem
* relics
* Alliance Coin
* Sabnock Coin (or Sabnock)
* Birthigin Coin (or Birthigin)
* Elula Coin (or Elula)
* Lamour Coin (or Lamour)
* Fanlu Coin (or Fanlu)
* Chom Coin (or Chom)
* Sallin Coin (or Sallin)
* Ryan Coin (or Ryan)
* Starry Coin (or Starry)
* Joseph Coin (or Joseph)
* Hazel Coin (or Hazel)
* Ledak Coin (or Ledak)
* Muse Coin (or Muse)
* Nutrient (Biological Nutrient sub-currency from M07)

Event Currencies:
* badge (for Guardian's Badge)
* QC Coin (or QC)
* Coupon
* Red Envelope (or Envelope)
* Explorer Medal
* Demon's Soul (from Lost Invasion event)
* High-energy piezoelectric crystal or (Piezo)

Reward Counters:
* Mysterious Statue
* Fruit of World Tree (can be abbreviated to "fruit")

Elementals stuff:
* Earth Crystal
* Water Crystal
* Light Crystal
* Dark Crystal
* Fire Crystal

* Blasting Component
* Ancient Component
* Metallurgy Component
* Biochemical Component
* Electric Component
* Aviation Component Steam (for City of Steam component icon)
* Aviation Component Erathia (for Erathia component icon)

* Competent Cell (or Cells)
* Gas
* Electricity (can be abbreviated to "Elec")
* Uranium Ore (can be abbreviated to "Uranium")

* Fragment (A generic Gumball fragment icon)
* Airship Chip (A generic Airship chip icon)
* Lower Clone Segment 
* Higher Clone Segment
* Super Clone Segment

If an amount is specified, a non breaking space is inserted between the amount and the symbol.


Gives: 100 Gem

If no amount is specified then only the symbol is inserted.

This is a{{Cost||Earth Crystal}}.
Gives:This is aEC.
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