Blank Template:
|cannon_iconfile=  (if the cannon icon file doesn't match the cannon's name)

Recent Modifications to the template

Added five space_ variables for Tech Copy from space sectors. Add +5 to which stat is researched. and the "M##" it comes from.

cannon_name has been added as an optional field. When entered, the name of the cannon will show up in the cannon's paragraph in place of Special:.

cannon_iconfile: If the file containing the image for the cannon is not {{{Cannon_name}}}.png, specify here the full file name (extension included).

airship_image_file : If the image file for the ship is not {{PAGENAME}}.png, use this field to give the full file name. Useful for instance when ships have been renamed.

How does the upgrade section work?

Types of upgrades are shared across many ships. Use the "su" parameter to put the name of the upgrade (ex. Turbo Booster) and the template will fill in the rest.

The cannon upgrades are unique so you'll have to put the materials and stats in by hand.

What if there's a "Missing Entry" message? That means that Template:Shipupgrade is missing the necessary upgrade. You can try to add it yourself or post a screenshot and one of us wikia monkeys will add it for you.

Rank 1

  • Photon Exploration Device Photon Exploration Device
  • Shipborne Fire Control Shipborne Fire Control
  • Turbo Booster Turbo Booster
  • Energy Booster Energy Booster
  • Quantum Engine Quantum Engine
  • Shield Generator Shield Generator
  • Super Alloy Armor Super Alloy Armor
  • Filling Device Filling Device

Rank 2

  • Dragon Rider's Fire Control Dragon Rider's Fire Control
  • Energy Field Shield Energy Field Shield
  • Gravity Propeller Gravity Propeller
  • Minova Torque Engine Minova Torque Engine
  • Nuclear Fusion Reactor Nuclear Fusion Reactor
  • Vesta Energy Armor Vesta Energy Armor

Rank 3

  • Particle Thruster Particle Thruster
  • Gravity Stabilizer Gravity Stabilizer
  • Phase Deflection Shield Phase Deflection Shield
  • Joseph Prism Armor Joseph Prism Armor
  • Juggernaut Fire Control Juggernaut Fire Control
  • Marth Booster Marth Booster
  • Automatic Defense Matrix Automatic Defense Matrix
  • Particle Annihilation Engine Particle Annihilation Engine

Rank 4

  • Antimatter Armor Antimatter Armor
  • Dark Matter Energy Furnace Dark Matter Energy Furnace
  • Antispace Shield Antispace Shield
  • Antigravity Device Antigravity Device
  • Orpheus Cooperation System Orpheus Cooperation System
  • Solar Furnace Power Engine Solar Furnace Power Engine

Rank 5

  • Uranus Cooperation System Uranus Cooperation System
  • Mercury Curvature Engine Mercury Curvature Engine
  • Pegasus's Wings Pegasus's Wings
  • Energy Annihilation Device Energy Annihilation Device
  • Space Rift Device Space Rift Device
  • Zeus Cannon Matrix Zeus Cannon Matrix
  • Space Leap Device Space Leap Device
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