Broken Tech Hall - Outside View

Broken Tech Hall - Outside View

Tech Hall - Outside View

Tech Hall - Outside View

The Tech Hall or Technology Hall is a location within Eden that you can use to perform various researches.


The Tech Hall proper can be used once you have finished the Technology Hall (Maze) and then finished all the Technology Hall Repairs to the Broken Technology Hall.

Research AreasEdit

The Research areas are initially divided into 5 tabs. Within each tab, there are one or more research trees. The 6th tab, Space Research, becomes visible once Space is unlocked.

In other words, while there is some level of freedom in places, the technologies within each tab cannot be taken in any order. Furthermore, many technologies also requires to advance the Cosmic Civilization in the fully repaired Hall of Overseeing. In particular, Cosmic Civilization level 2 is reached once the total level of your Plane Wonders has reached 20.

Airship ControlEdit

Airship Control researches will require a lot of Gas, Uranium Ore, Electricity and relics to give you the following things (in increasing order of complexity):

  • Eden airships chips
  • Increase attributes of all airships divided into groups
  • Increase your Sky Leadership
  • Complete Captain's trial.

Gumball CultivationEdit

In Gumball Cultivation, you'll be able to

And later on:

Robot ForcesEdit

With the Robot Forces research you can:

  • Build Eden Guard and Eden Hunter robots
  • Unlock the use of Robots in Space Exploration
  • Increase the number of Robots allowed in Space fleets.

Energy ProductionEdit

You cannot do anything in Energy Production research until you have fully repaired some of the Energy Halls. Further developments will also require to advance "Cosmic Civilization" in the Hall of Overseeing.

These researches let you spend Eden resources to produce more Eden Resources in the Energy Halls and to be able to store more of those resources.

Clone Edit

With the Clone research tab you can create Clones of monsters (Lower, Higher, and Super) that you can assemble in teams to help you fight in both Sky Exploration and the newly released Space Exploration zones. Further upgrades allow you to level up your clones into stronger versions.

Space fleet commandEdit

Space fleet command becomes available when you've found and used Fleet command technology on planet Aini.

On this tab you can research functions such as:

  • Decrease Fog regeneration time
  • Larger Space Fleets
  • Improved Energy transfer from Gumballs in a Fleet
  • Improved Stats for Fleet Airships/Spaceships

Space ExplorationEdit

Space Exploration becomes available soon after defeating Lord of Hell in Space/M06

Robot ArmyEdit

Robot Army becomes available soon after defeating Mechanical Giant Monster in Space/M11. On this tab you can research functions such as:

  • Build robots
  • Increased robots/fleet
  • Increased robot energy
  • Increased execute in sky exploration
  • Larger space fleets

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