The Tarmac is a location within Eden that you can use to recruit the 3 Eden Airships.

Access[edit | edit source]

The Tarmac proper can be used once you have finished the Tarmac (Maze) and then finished all the Tarmac Repairs to the Broken Tarmac.

Functions[edit | edit source]

Tarmac Menu

The Tarmac has basically one function: to recruit Eden airships:

The airships can be recruited in any order and each costs almost the same to recruit:

  • Eden No.1 : 300 Gas, 200 Uranium Ore, 200 Electricity, 200k Relics
  • Eden No.2 : 200 Gas, 300 Uranium Ore, 200 Electricity, 200k Relics
  • Eden No.3 : 200 Gas, 200 Uranium Ore, 300 Electricity, 200k Relics

The Research button is just a link to the actions unlocked by repairing the Tech Hall.

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