Talking Puppet Talking Puppet
Rank: Variable Type: Necklace
A strange looking doll is hanging on the necklace. Every time when someone gets close. it asks. "have you seen Vincent?" Vincent was a vampire living in seclusion in an old castle. Dearly afraid of being alone, he captured innocent passers-by and infused their souls into dolls to make them capable of speaking. Very pleased with these companions. Vincent wore them around his neck all the time. Soon after. he cast spells on his dolls to grant them ability to act when he got bored again. Eventually, he was attacked and strangled by his dolls when he got drunk.
Able to upgrade at the Bloody Altar

Essence Blood Upgrades: MP+10 (+120 max)
Increase all Damage magic effect by 2% (+25% max)

Summon Magic Puppet

Ancestor's Blood Upgrades: Master "Summon Magic Puppet" (Active Skill)
Effect: Summons Magic Puppet
Cost: It requires a bottle of Magic Dust each time.

Source(s): Sacred artifact in Dracula's Castle

Summon Magic Puppet

Magic Puppet:

  • Costs one Magic Dust to cast
  • Valid on target floor
  • Dodge 30%
  • Hp and Attack are based on the floor, not on Gumball stats.
  • Each Ancestor upgrade adds 5% to HP and Attack.
  • Thump: 50% chance to do 200% damage when attacking
  • With upgrade II: Curse: Has a chance to apply curse for 3 rounds when attacking (uses standard debuff slot and will therefore dispel any freeze or stun on the mob)
  • With upgrade III: Occult: Recover 20% damage to HP
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