Tactical Hall, 30 Floors - 3 Vigor

This Eden Maze is accessible once you open Eden. The maze cannot be repeated once finished.


Completing this maze will grant access to:

Boss floor loot (uncertain quantities):


Enemy Race Skill & General info Steals Drops
RX-Enhanced Attacker
Machine Burst Missile:Long-range attack every 2 rounds dealing double damage. Also adds burning effect for 3 rounds.

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%

? Firearm Component
Researcher's Soul
Researcher's Soul
Undead Void : Chance to immune to all damage

Curse : While countering, inflicts Curse: Decreases Attack for 3 turns

? Dust of Soul
Smart Defender
Smart Defender
Machine Appears every 5 floors. High Attack and HP.

Energy Cannon: Launch an attack every 3 rounds to deal double damage
Energy Shield: When suffering any kind of damage, only loses 1HP. Shield will break after 10 attacks.

? Ancient Element
Smart Hub (boss)
Smart Hub
Machine Appear on floor 30. Attack 115, HP 3000

Giant War Cannon : Launch an attack every 3 rounds to deal triple damage and adds Burning effect (loses 56HP every round for 3 rounds).
Defense Matrix : Spell Resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%
Energy Shield: When suffering any kind of damage, only loses 1HP. Shield will break after 50 attacks.

? Key


Parts Shop
  • 3 Firearms Components - 150 EP
  • Ancient Element - 300 EP
  • Firearms Memoir - 500 EP (increase 1 level of Firearms knowledge at random)
  • Metal FIshbone - 100 EP (cast Earth Spike)
  • Electrical Top 100 EP cast Force Field Shield (only valid in the target floor)
  • Force Field - 100 EP

Random EncountersEdit

Firearm's Table (Floor 1)
  • Firearms Manual
  • M-38 Metal Destroyer (initially 30 points of damage, 3/3 charges) - refill with Firearms Manual
  • 10 Firearms Components
  • 1 Ancient Element
Motoko's Corpse 
  • Motoko's Brain - Gumball's Power +3, MP +30, All spell effects +15%
    • Motoko soul
    • (with farplane ranger title): Gumball's dodge +5%, Ignore enemy Physical Resistance +10%, when attacking, 10% chance to cast Disrupting Ray
Protection System 
  • Destroy - all visible enemies will no longer be able to act (unable to move and counter attack)
  • Drops - Battery Pack (redeem in settlement), Damaged Electrical Storage Device (use at Eden Warehouse for 10 units of electricity)
Researcher's Remains 
  • Disrupting Ray
  • EP
  • Boots of Toughness
Steel Gate 
  • 4 RX-Enhanced Attackers
  • Alloy Storage Box - may contain 2-3 Firearm Components, Metal Fishbone (cast Earth Spike), Clockwork Rat (+200 EP), Clockwork Spider (+1 Attack)

Firearms Manual - Modify M-38 Metal DestroyerEdit

===Tier 1 (2 Firearm Components)===
  • Reload - Refill bullets for M-38 Metal Destroyer
===Tier 2 (3 ranks @ 5 Firearm Components each)===
  • Retrofit of Inner Chamber Structure - +15/30/45 Power
===Tier 3 (3 ranks each @ 5 Firearm Components each)===
  • Optical Sniping Telescope - After shooting, enemy's Dodge decreased by 5/10/15 %
  • Cumulative Charge - 20/40/60 % chance of doing double damage
  • Flame Throwing Device - 50/75/100 % chance of inflicting Burn Effect
  • Fire Control System Enhancement - 25/25/25 % chance of splash damage on emenies within 1/3/5 tiles
  • Research on Armor Piercing Bullet - After shooting, enemy's Physical Resistance decreased by 5/10/15 %
  • Clip Expansion - Max Bullets +2/4/6
===Tier 4 (5 ranks each @ 8 Firearm Components & 1 Ancient Element each)===
  • Precision Guidance - Additionally deal 2/4/6/8/10 % damage of Max HP (effect halves against boss)
  • Biochemical Charge - 20/40/60/80/100 % chance of inflicting Stun Effect
  • Throat Shrinkage System - Spurting Damage +15/??/??/??/?? %
  • Research on Electromagnetic Bomb (3 ranks @ 5 Firearm Components each) - After shooting, 50/75/100 % chance of negating enemy's buff
  • Rapid-Fire Device - Power decreases by 85 % each time shooting 6/7/8/9/10 bullets (special effect only triggers once)


  • Use Avalon + link Zerg Queen and Heavenly King. Boost the bottom wing, which permits to make up To 10 attacks in only 1 use of weapon, boost number of ammo too. Use eggs when possibles in order To save ammo because the boss needs 5 shoots To be unprotected.
  • For the mini-bosses and boss, you will want to research "Rapid-Fire Device" to knock down their energy shields.
  • To beat the boss, Condottiere  + Machinist  + Holy Warrior . Make sure you get at least one lvl of water master for the icecycle spells. And save some parts for a reload of the gun just to drop boss shields then Nuke missle for the win.
  • i have used avallon link zerg Queen and celestial King To take a good beginning by using eggs on the shieldding ennemies. Same tactic for the technology free.
  • 3EK, Phoenix and Cactus also works, even with 3EK at 3* and main. Bring werewolf potion for 3E's summons and use on 1st floor (3 potion, F1, bless, bless, ... summon.) The dog absorbs huge hp hits and eventually bounces back, and can easily have attack of 300 or more. Phoenix is burn immune and can gain hp when burned. Cactus reflects 75% damage back to enemy. Use titles for GB's hp healing and increases, or go for protection like stone skins or icicles.
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