The Tactical Hall is a location within Eden that you can use as a center of operations for many tasks.


The Tactical Hall proper can be used once you have finished the Tactical Hall (Maze) and then finished all the Tactical Hall Repairs.


Tactical Hall 1

Tactical Hall

The Tactical Hall is a convenience place: it is essentially a list of shortcuts to different parts of the game with some extra pages to automate tasks.

From left to right and top to bottom, you have:

Bandit's RaidEdit

This lets you start raids from the hall and define a raid plan to automate a sequence of raids.

Exploring WildernessEdit

This allow you to see the current status of your wilderness exploration, collect the results and relaunch exploration similar to what you can do in the Alchemy Workshop but in a slightly more convenient way.


This is a shortcut to the "Seven Days sign-in" page

Circus QuestEdit

This is a shortcut to the Circus Quest page

Ancient Mine PitEdit

This lets you collect relics from your tramcar, launch plunders and revenges.

Sky Exploration StatusEdit

This gives shortcuts to many of the functions related to sky exploration (spending sky exp, change team,...) You can also define an exploration plan for automatic exploration.

List of ShopEdit

Links to the various merchants and indication of which merchants have been restocked.

Workshop SignboardEdit

You can buy a signboard or see the status of your signboard

Magic LizardEdit

You can buy a magic lizard here or see the status of your lizard

Sky EventEdit

This appears only if there is an ongoing Sky event and acts as a shortcut to that event. The actual picture displayed depends on the event.

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