Swordsmith's Anvil.png Swordsmith's Anvil
Rank: Variable Type: «Unknown Type - {{UnknownValue}}»
This strange looking crucible doesn't look like a local product. in terms of material or structure. It was discovered in an abandoned lab at the bottom floor of the Abyss Abinos. along with a peculiar anvil and a pile of manuscripts written in odd characters and symbols. Saint Astana concluded after a thorough research: "These tools are from a higher plane which has one more dimension than ours. Generally speaking. time is often wrongly considered the fourth dimension: however. it is not a direction but a field... Although we are only able to activate a very small part of these tools. their power and capability have already gone beyond our imagination!
Defense +x

Disenchants treasures to receive Quenching Essence
(Effect carries from Forging Anvil)
Can upgrade Melee Suit by consuming Quenching Essence

Source(s): Upgrade the Great Swordsmith title after choosing Blacksmith (Title)
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