Sword Sage's Legacy Sword Sage's Legacy
Type: Consumable
This roll of Manuscript, made of high quality gost leather, recorded Cray the Light Sword Sage's training experience. Cray's exceptional talent was widely known from a very young age, and earned the Light Kingdom's attention. In one Gladiator Competition, he defeated all rivals with his outstanding swordsmanship and won the title Sword Sage. Later when the Kingdom discovered ancient technologies in ruins, a research team was sent over in secret to conduct study. Meanwhile, Cray was put on a new mission: to guard the ruins and ensure the said research to proceed smoothly. During the Second Dawn War, invaders from the farplane happened upon the ruins by chance and launched a raid. Knowing the enemy troops was too massive to be defend against, Cray had no choice but to activate the self-destruction device and destroyed everything all together.
Use: Attack+3

When Swordsman Gumball uses it, it gains: Attack+6, Defense+6
Decrease EP cost by 90% when upgrading Melee titles.

Source(s): Relics of Civilization
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