Superintendent's Diary Superintendent's Diary
Type: Consumable
..."April 5" The last few arrests have all failed. Every time the news arrives there before we do, are we even undercover? Today I put a false message to see.

..."April 8" The message that Shadow sent says that the Boss yesterday informed the police about the siege plan. Obviously, there is an undercover inside the police force, and his level is not low.
..."April 9" In these two days. I have been given access to a variety of files, but I didn't find any suspicious person. Who is really the undercover?
..."May 1" Shadow asked me to meet on the rooftop. and told me that they would carry out the arms trade on the 5th of this month.
..."April 5" Only a few senior officers know about tonight's action. If the news leaked. the undercover must be among them. I really wish my guess is wrong!

Use: Attack +2, Power +2
Source(s): Spacecraft Ruins

Formerly Bloody Wolf! Cold Killer! event maze

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