Super Air Elemental Crystal Super Air Elemental Crystal
Type: Consumable
Compared to ordinary crystals, the volume of this elemental crystal is slightly smaller. It contains a more pure spell energy (in Canas standard spell unit, its energy is usually 50 to 100 times of the normal crystals). Of course, it is highly valued. As a symbol of the top spell material, usually such a super-crystal is only inlaid for the central spell stone of a large magic formation, or the wand's top gems of the Grand Mage.
Use: All Air Spell's effects 3%

Receive 3 random Air Spell scrolls
When used in Saint's Tower[notes 1], receives 5 Air Elemental Crystals
When used in Hell Frontier, receives 10 Air Elemental Crystals

Source(s): Carried into dungeon with Air Elemental as main gumball


  1. This seems to be a bug given that Air Elemental Crystals have no use in Saint's Tower. It should be Lost Temple
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