Sunlight Sunlight
Type: Consumable
This is a warm and pure beam. It is almost weightless. floating in the air after you toss it up. It is hard for you to conceive how this solid state lightbeam was created?
If created in Forest of Whispers or looted in some manner:

Use: Attack+2 Power+2

If created by Sunflower Gumball:
Use:HP +10, MP +10
Effect upgrades with Sunflower Gumball's skill
[Photosynthesis Lv.1] HP +10
[Photosynthesis Lv.2] MP +10
[Photosynthesis Lv.3] Attack +1
[Photosynthesis Lv.4] Power +1
[Photosynthesis Lv.5] Attack +1,Power +1

Source(s): Created by Sunflower or feed sunflower seeds in Forest of Whispers.

Can also be found in Bunny's eggs in the Forest of Whispers. Can also be dropped by Sunflower ally in Hell Frontier.

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