Stormeye Combat Skill: Stormeye
Faction: Abyss' Roar
In the Fane of Snowy Mountain. some unremarkable items are stacked in a corner. These items are covered with dust, like garbage that is discarded randomly. However, if you take them to the outside world, you will find that even the cheapest one can easily be bartered for a city. The former owners of these artifacts were the dead heroes during the Creation War period. Each artifacts records a legendary history. Even after thousand of years, they are still very powerful.
In Sky: All attributes +3

12% chance to cast the skill (instead of airship's attack):
Causes damage (105% of main cannon's power)
Deals double damage next time

In Space: All stats +3, Super Clone capacity +1

Source Complete statues in Fane Expansion
Activated by

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