96px Stoneware Calabash
Type: Summons
The Desert Ruler is sealed in this stoneware calabash. It's said that the Desert Ruler is huge in size, and can call down the sand at will to bury the enemy.
Use: Summon a Desert Raccoon Dog (Last for 3 floors)

Desert Raccoon Dog abilities:

  • Sandshield: When present, decrease 30% of damage sustained by itself and the Gumball
  • Sandshot: 20% chance to stun the enemy when attacking (Last for 3 rounds)
  • Sandstorm: Launch every 5 rounds, turn over all the slates and deal double damage to all the enemies. Blind effect attached (Decrease Accuracy by 50%, last for 3 rounds)
  • Desert Raccoon Dog inherits 125% of your HP and 80% of your Attack when summoned
Source(s): Obtained in Desert Oasis
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